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May's Conservatives on course

[2017-04-24 07:44]

LONDON - Britain's Theresa May appeared on course to win a crushing election victory in June after opinion polls put support for her ruling Conservative party at around 50 percent, double that of the opposition Labor party.

Anti-immigration party to pick vote team after rift with co-leader

[2017-04-24 07:44]

COLOGNE, Germany - Germany's anti-immigration AfD will wrap up a fractious party congress on Sunday by choosing the team to lead it into a September general election, after it dramatically sidelined its most prominent personality.

France goes to the polls in presidential nailbiter

[2017-04-24 07:44]

PARIS - France voted on Sunday under heavy security in the first round of the most unpredictable presidential election in decades, with the outcome seen as vital for the future of the beleaguered European Union.

Election key test for anti-EU sentiment

[2017-04-24 07:44]

ROME - France's presidential election will be a key test for anti-European Union sentiment and may affect the political equilibrium within the bloc, Italian analysts said.

FM: Dialogue key on Korea nuke issue

[2017-04-24 07:44]

China will not be misled by comments of various kinds and will not give up fulfilling its duties regarding the Korean Peninsula situation, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

Afghanistan declares day of mourning

[2017-04-24 07:44]

KABUL - The Afghan government declared a national day of mourning on Sunday to pay tribute to dozens of army personnel who were killed and injured after a massive Taliban attack at a military base.

Anger, confusion over revival of edict

[2017-04-21 07:19]

TOKYO - Japan's century-old imperial proclamation urging people to be willing to die for the emperor was consigned to history books until video surfaced showing children in an Osaka kindergarten enthusiastically reciting it.

Diners bugged to join growing cuisine trend

[2017-04-21 07:19]

SYDNEY - With a twist of lime and a dash of salt Sydney chef Nowshad Alam Rasel flavors a hot pan full of crickets, tossing them over a flaming stove.

Baby star seen eating 'space hamburger'

[2017-04-21 07:19]

WASHINGTON - For the first time, researchers say they have captured a clear image of a baby star eating what looks like a dusty "space hamburger".

Seeds of anxiety over core business

[2017-04-21 07:19]

MUSTANG, Nepal - Being one of the oldest apple producers in the remote Mustang district, 75-year-old Nar Bahadur Hirachan feels proud that his village, Marhpa, produces the juiciest apples in Nepal.

Detection technology helps police track down gunshots

[2017-04-21 07:19]

LOS ANGELES - Gunfire detection technology helped police arrest the suspect in a shooting spree in which three people were killed on Tuesday in Fresno, California.

Debate focuses on security, DPRK

[2017-04-21 07:20]

SEOUL - The second TV debate of five major presidential candidates of the Republic of Korea focused on issues related to security and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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