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[2017-06-07 07:37]

Bird nests come home to roost

[2017-06-07 07:36]

BOKPYIN, Myanmar - The cries of amorous swiftlets echo around the dark room, an unlikely gold mine for traders in southern Myanmar who are cashing in on rising demand for the edible nests from China's growing middle class.

Mentally ill creating fantastical 'raw art' factory

[2017-06-07 07:36]

MARIA GUGGING, Austria - Nestled in the hills of Austria sits Gugging, an artists' colony with a difference where the worlds of psychiatry and art collide - with spectacular success.

Lord of the Books creates novel way to promote peace

[2017-06-07 07:36]

BOGOTA - Emptying the bins of Colombia's capital, Jose Alberto Gutierrez one day found a copy of the classic novel Anna Karenina and kept it.

Rays of hope for Cuba's renewable energy objectives

[2017-06-07 07:36]

HAVANA - Sun-scorched Cuba is looking to harness solar energy to reduce its reliance on pricey imported fossil fuels and further develop renewable energy.

Hotels Focus On Chinese Tourists' Needs

[2017-06-03 06:50]

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is launching its Xiang Ju initiative, a new business strategy that focuses on guests from the Chinese mainland and their specific needs.

Domestic airline rises to Belt and Road's call

[2017-06-03 06:50]

Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines has operated more than 270 flights between Shanghai and Prague since the flight route connecting the two cities opened.

Hilton Dali has service at its heart

[2017-06-03 06:50]

As Dali, a popular tourist destination in Yunnan province, develops itself into an international tourism zone, Hilton Dali Resort & Spa is riding high on the city's tourism promotion campaign to attract more guests.


[2017-06-03 06:50]

Vip Guest

China offers hand to grieving Afghans

[2017-06-02 07:19]

China strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, President Xi Jinping said in a condolence message sent to his Afghan counterpart Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday.

Election gamble may fail as polls hint at close finish

[2017-06-02 07:19]

The United Kingdom general election is looking increasingly hard to predict after the Prime Minister Theresa May made a series of errors and appeared ill at ease during campaigning.

11 soldiers killed in 'friendly fire' strike

[2017-06-02 07:19]

MANILA - Philippine military airstrikes aimed at Islamist militants in the southern city of Marawi accidentally killed 11 soldiers and wounded seven others, defense and military officials said on Thursday.

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