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Bringing ancient tapestries back to their former glory

[2017-06-15 07:33]

MECHELEN, Belgium - The painstaking job of restoring some of the world's finest ancient tapestries, stitch by stitch, is not for the highly strung or restless.

Climate downbeat after US departure

[2017-06-13 07:20]

Pruitt exit at G7 talks highlights gap between countries

Cowboys thrive in Brazil's wetlands

[2017-06-13 07:20]

CORUMBA, Brazil - Greener pastures grow under water in the Pantanal de Mato Grosso do Sul, an immense area of wetlands in western Brazil.

Gardening therapy helping patients grow

[2017-06-13 07:20]

RUSKIE PIASKI, Poland - An elderly woman leans over to smell a lush flower bed of lavender in sprawling gardens surrounding an imposing early 20th-century palace in a pastoral corner of eastern Poland.

Child labor increases in Jordan amid refugee influx

[2017-06-13 07:20]

AMMAN, Jordan - Fourteen-year-old Abdullah said he worked almost every day at a vegetable market in the city center of Amman to help support his family.

NBA star's sneakers have record all tied up

[2017-06-13 07:20]

NEW YORK - A pair of sports shoes worn by Michael Jordan during the basketball finals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics sold on Sunday for $190,372 in an online auction, the auction house announced.

Macron heads for big victory

[2017-06-13 07:20]

PARIS - President Emmanuel Macron's party and its ally took a big lead in the first round of French legislative election on Sunday, which refracted that the new and young French president is winning emerging confidence of voters, with his "not bad" performance.

Qatar begins shipping cargo via Oman

[2017-06-13 07:20]

DOHA - Qatar said on Monday that it had begun shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf countries that have cut off sea routes to the tiny, energy-rich nation, its latest move to show it can survive a diplomatic dispute with its neighbors.

Pressure mounts on Trump over tapes

[2017-06-13 07:20]

WASHINGTON - Fellow Republicans pressed President Donald Trump on Sunday to come clean about whether he has tapes of private conversations with former FBI Director James Comey and provide them to Congress if he does or possibly face a subpoena, as a Senate investigation into collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice extended to a Trump Cabinet member.

Japan seeks to expand arms deals

[2017-06-13 07:20]

TOKYO - Defense firms put out their wares on Monday at Japan's only dedicated arms show, a site for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government to promote industrial military ties that will bolster the country's influence in Southeast Asia.

S. Korean president calls for job-creating extra budget

[2017-06-13 07:20]

SEOUL - South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday asked parliament to approve a supplementary budget aimed to create jobs amid the record-level unemployment rate of youths.

Embattled May unveils cabinet

[2017-06-13 07:20]

British Prime Minister Theresa May rebuilt her government despite concerns that Thursday' general election result left her too weak to continue as prime minister.

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