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Doha launches complaint against boycott

[2017-08-02 07:18]

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Qatar has filed a wide-ranging complaint with the World Trade Organization against three of the four Arab countries that are isolating it, opening up a possible new path for negotiations with its opponents.

Dead trees spell trouble for global environment

[2017-08-02 07:17]

PORT REPUBLIC, New Jersey - They're called "ghost forests" - dead trees along vast swaths of coastline invaded by rising seas, something scientists call one of the most visible markers of climate change.

School's out: French lessons for migrants on banks of Paris canal

[2017-08-02 07:17]

PARIS - Sitting in rows on a grassy embankment overlooking a Paris square, around 50 asylum-seekers recite the alphabet in French following a teacher pointing to letters on a whiteboard.

Gum disease linked to higher cancer risk

[2017-08-02 07:17]

MIAMI, Florida - Women who have a history of gum disease face a higher risk of several types of cancer, particularly tumors in the esophagus and breasts, a US study found on Tuesday.

Habitat loss blamed for deaths by elephants, tigers

[2017-08-02 07:17]

NEW DELHI - Endangered elephants and tigers are killing one person a day in India as humans put a growing squeeze on their habitat, according to new government figures.

Free toys swaying children's choices

[2017-08-02 07:17]

MELBOURNE, Australia - Toys can have a significant influence on the eating choices of children, Australian research has found.

Poverty pilot sows seeds of optimism

[2017-08-01 07:42]

SIEM REAP, Cambodia - As the biggest foreign investor in Cambodia, China cooperates on everything from the high-tech telecom network construction to modern agricultural techniques.

Brave divers jump to it in Bosnia's traditional Old Bridge competition

[2017-08-01 07:42]

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - It's an annual event that's not for the fainthearted or those with a fear of heights.

British, Belgian royals join relatives of fallen to mark bloody battle's centenary

[2017-08-01 07:42]

YPRES, Belgium - Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, on Sunday joined Belgian royals and relatives of soldiers who fought in the Battle of Passchendaele to mark 100 years since the offensive that became a symbol of war's senselessness began.

Victims feel bite of antivenin delay

[2017-08-01 07:42]

SYDNEY - Snakebite victims have to wait too long for antivenin, according to a new Australian report released on Monday, which said access to the potentially lifesaving treatment has not improved in over 10 years.

Humble worm turns into bringer of medical hope

[2017-08-01 07:42]

PLOEMEUR, France - For centuries, the only use humans found for the lugworm - dark pink, slimy and inedible - was on the end of a fish hook.

Australia ramps up security after plot

[2017-08-01 07:42]

SYDNEY - Stricter screening of passengers and luggage at Australian airports will stay in place indefinitely after police foiled an alleged "Islamic-inspired" plot to bring down a plane, which local media said may have involved a bomb or poisonous gas.

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