Crowd funding helps authors get published

By Liu Zhihua ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-07-30 07:34:45

Crowd funding helps authors get published

Fromright: Ke Bing, Yang Qian and Sheng Jia at a promotional event for their book in Beijing.


Crowdfunding makes it easier for would-be authors to raise money and get their books published. That's getting many more writers into print, Liu Zhihua discovers.


Crowd funding helps authors get published

New kids section at Beijing Book Building 

Crowd funding helps authors get published

Beijing International Book Fair to open

Li Yang, a college student in Wuhan, Hubei province, has loved writing poetry since childhood, and he always wanted to publish his works.

However, Li is not famous enough to attract publishers, and he can't afford to pay for the publishing by himself.

Last month, Li turned to a crowdfunding website to raise funds to publish his works.

He's not alone.

Although there are no official statistics on how many bids for publishing are on such websites around the country, or exactly how many millions of yuan have been pledged to those programs, there are more than 120 book-publishing programs on, among the country's popular crowdfunding platforms, with goals from 500 yuan ($81) to 1 million yuan.

"Crowdfunding for books is a relatively new concept in China, but it's gaining a lot of popularity in a very short time," says Li Yaohui, senior executive at

The idea is simple: Potential readers can finance a book directly, in exchange for various value-added services at various pledge levels, such as signed books, meeting or even dining with the author, and getting access to important events related to the book, Li says.

Chen Liang, a young mother in Beijing, has spent months rewriting Flowers in the Mirror, a 300,000-word ancient-Chinese-language myth novel, into plain modern Mandarin for her own child. She recently decided to publish the book so that more children will be able to enjoy the inspiring ancient tale.

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