New kids section at Beijing Book Building

( ) Updated: 2014-07-28 20:40:14

New kids section at Beijing Book Building

Children read books. [Photo/Xinhua]

New kids section at Beijing Book Building

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New kids section at Beijing Book Building

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The Beijing Book Building recently opened a special section just for children. Named the Kids Fun Space, it features a massive collection of books, toys and interactive activities.

From picture books to story books, the Kids Fun Space has books for just about any age group.

And with the increasing popularity of online shopping, book stores across China are putting more emphasis on creating a reading environment, rather just selling books.

They are even providing book carts for children to collect their picks.

Multimedia items and toys are also featured, so that children will be engaged and entertained at all levels.

A seven-dimension theater, and performances on a mini piano, are some of the highlights at Kids Fun Space.

Children are also encouraged to interact with each other.

Children are letting their imaginations run wild, and also working together.

They are doodling on a large piece of paper, and some show off their talents on stage.

A wide variety of interactive activities are held at the store every weekend.

They include story-telling, puzzle challenges, cartoon character shows and magic shows.

Segments of a Chinese adaptation the Wizard of OZ are also played.

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