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Li stresses trust is key element

[2013-03-21 02:07]

China and the United States should boost trust and expand areas of common interests despite any differences, Premier Li Keqiang said during a meeting with US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

Foreign leaders congratulate Li on election as premier

[2013-03-19 23:08]

More foreign leaders sent congratulatory messages to Li Keqiang on his election as Chinese premier.

Li sets out strategic mission for next 5 years

[2013-03-18 03:06]

Premier Li Keqiang outlined the top three tasks of the new government over the next five years, and vowed to push forward reforms and the rule of law on Sunday.
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Li vows to crack down on corruption

[2013-03-18 02:40]

Premier Li Keqiang vowed to crack down on corruption and practice frugality in government affairs, while meeting journalists on Sunday.

Urbanization is 'free choice', Li says

[2013-03-18 00:03]

Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday that China will continue to urbanize but would avoid creating sprawling cities with shantytowns.

Li reaffirms road of peaceful development

[2013-03-17 16:55]

Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Asian-Pacific region and the whole world, pledging stronger ties with major powers, including the US and Russia.

Premier Li stresses reform, opening up

[2013-03-17 14:45]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that China's reform and opening-up drive has changed the life of many Chinese, including himself.

Li promises to further advance mainland-HK coop

[2013-03-17 14:44]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday said that the central government will further advance policies for deepening cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Li pledges to prudently advance urbanization

[2013-03-17 14:26]

China's Premier Li Keqiang pledged Sunday to advance urbanization in a steady, active and prudent way, saying that urbanization is an inevitable trend.

Li asks public to supervise government

[2013-03-17 14:23]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that he is willing to accept supervision from the society and media on clean governance.

Li rejects hacker accusation

[2013-03-17 14:15]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday rejected the accusation of hacker attacks against the United States, calling it "presumption of guilt."

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