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Premier Li leaves for Africa tour

[2014-05-04 09:35]

China's Premier Li Keqiang, accompanied by his wife, will make his first visit to Africa since taking office in 2013, with visits planned to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya.

Li's four-nation visit will boost 'concrete' support

[2014-05-04 07:36]

African leaders are pinning high hopes on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to the continent, saying his eight-day tour will be a "game changer" for China-Africa ties.

Dozens of deals to be signed with African countries

[2014-05-04 07:19]

China is expected to sign infrastructure agreements in the road, railway, aviation and electrical power sectors with African countries this week to upgrade industrial cooperation with the continent.

Premier calls for financial innovation

[2014-03-26 19:59]

One of the government's main tasks this year is the development of an inclusive financial system and lower financial costs for small-scale enterprises.

'Integrate' Chinese tech with India: Li

[2014-03-20 02:54]

Indian railway construction is expected to showcase China-India cooperation, officials said, as the two nations singled out highlights from a recent economic forum in Beijing.

China will meet economic targets: minister

[2014-03-05 20:35]

China has the confidence, conditions and capability to meet its new growth targets for 2014, top economic planner Xu Shaoshi said Wednesday.

Premier stresses stable, sound economic growth

[2014-03-04 20:06]

Premier Li Keqiang stressed Tuesday that China must deepen reforms and maintain a stable, sound economic growth as the country is still facing a complicated situation in economy.

China on a fresh start of reform

[2014-03-04 11:03]

At a corner of the Aegean Sea along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf lies the ancient Port of Athens -- Piraeus. Merely a dozen kilometers away from central Athens, it has long been the largest passenger port in Europe, bustling with ferries and cruisers.

Let reform benefit all, bypass 'middle income trap'

[2014-03-10 21:38]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed recently that China would strive to let development and reform benefit all people, voicing the determination of the government to narrow the gap of wealth, establish a more fair and reasonable system of revenue distribution, and achieve common prosperity.

China's reform in action, more changes await: US economist

[2014-03-06 19:33]

The early stages of China's reform have already been set in motion, and further reforms such as boosting consumer demand and wider opening up to foreign investment are to be hoped for, a leading US economist told Xinhua.

Chinese leaders urge Malaysia flight emergency response

[2014-03-09 07:34]

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday urged emergency measures over the missing Malaysian flight bound for Beijing with more than 150 Chinese nationals on board.

Li seeks 'good beginning' to economy in 2014

[2014-01-24 00:30]

Premier Li Keqiang has called for accelerating the economy's structural reforms and promoting agricultural production while stabilizing prices.

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