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Premier Li Keqiang meets the press today

Updated: 2013-03-17 08:02


Premier Li Keqiang meets the press today

Premier Li Keqiang gestures during the news conference in Beijing, March 17, 2013. [Photo by Xu Jingxin /]  

Following are highlights of Li Keqiang's first news conference as Chinese Premier on March 17, 2013.

On cross-Straits relations

In the course of developing the mainland, we will give more consideration for the well-being and interests of Taiwan residents, so that the two sides can share the fruits of the country’s development. [More]

On anti-corruption

We need to establish and perfect the way we combat corruption, and we will punish corrupt officials without mercy. More importantly, we’ll create a transparent environment, allowing the public to supervise effectively.[More]

On environmental protection

Li urged a more transparent government and more public supervision to address the environmental issues, and the government should also help people take precautionary measures as well.[More]

On re-education through labor

About the plan for the reeducation through labor reform, the relevant departments are working intensively to formulate a plan, and it may be laid out before the end of this year. [More]

On China-US ties

I do not deny that there are conflicts between China and the US. We should respect each other and control the disputes. Shared interests often override disputes. China firmly objects cyberattacks.[More]

On reforms

China will pursue economic transformation to make full use of fiscal, financial, pricing and other policy instruments, and it will pursue the reform of budget system to make it more open, transparent and inclusive.[More]

On urbanization

New urbanization should come together with industrialization of the agricultural sector. China's east and west regions should pursue organized urbanization. [More]

On government's work

An innovative government will further unleash the creativity of the economy and society. A clean government will be more credible, effective and efficient. The government must work abiding by laws and nobody can exceed the boundary of law.[More]

On institutional reform

The core of this reform plan is to transform the government function and streamline administration. Use the market to replace the improper roles of government.[More]

On China-Russia relations

China-Russia political relations are already very good and asked why we don't spend more time on talking about practical cooperation.[More]

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