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Premier Li Keqiang meets the press today

Updated: 2013-03-17 08:02

Government’s priorities for the future

The 18th Party Congress has already laid out a comprehensive plan for the government’s work. First, we need to strive for sustainable development. We must be prepared for danger in times of safety because the future economic environment of China will remain harsh and complex. We need to maintain sustainable economic growth, prevent inflation and control potential risks so as to avoid major fluctuations in the Chinese economy. Domestic demand is crucial for China to maintain an average growth rate of 7 percent, which is necessary for China to realize the targets set for 2020. We need to promote economic transition and combine the potentials of domestic demand and the vigor of creativity so as to further upgrade quality, efficiency, employment, people’s incomes and environmental protection and resources conservation.

Second, we need to improve people’s livelihoods, especially among low-income groups, and expand middle-income groups. We need to ensure basic necessities for people and develop a social safety net to include compulsory education, medical care, elderly care and housing. We need to improve the subsistence allowance system and provide assistance to people suffering from major diseases. The government will mobilize all resources and do its utmost to ensure the basic rights and dignity of the people.

Third, we need to ensure social fairness, which is the source of societal creativity and yardstick of the government’s work. We need to make sure the hard work of all people, no matter from urban or rural areas, and regardless of their family backgrounds, is rewarded. We also need to make sure all wealth creators, be they State-owned, private or individually run businesses, can achieve success as long as they compete in a level playing field and in a clean and honest way.

Three things are essential for the government to achieve these goals. An innovative government will further unleash the creativity of the economy and society. A clean government will be more credible, effective and efficient. The government must work abiding by laws and nobody can exceed the boundary of law. The rule of law is essential to build a modern economy, modern society and modern government.


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