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Graphic on Forbidden City's ancient drainage system

[2016-07-22 16:47]

Beijing was hit with severe rainstorms on July 20 with many roads becoming waterlogged. The 600-year-old Palace Museum, or Forbidden City, however, remained free of flooding, largely due to its sound, ancient drainage system, reported on Friday.

How to batten down your hatches

[2016-07-21 16:05]

Continuous heavy rains are still battering the country, so what people need most are products to protect themselves as they head outside for work or other social activities.

How internet reacted to Beijing rains

[2016-07-21 13:11]

Amid the heavy downpour, internet users see the lighter side.

China's flash floods: What you
need to know

[2016-07-05 17:18]

China's flash floods that you need to know

Citizens use their own vehicle to block flood

[2016-07-12 20:12]

Drivers voluntarily drove their trucks into the turbulent water in an attempt to block floodwater in Huarong county, Central China's Hunan province, said a flood control official, the news Wechat account Boyangcongpeople reported.

Bride's touching speech moves many

[2016-07-11 15:53]

The bride and groom originally planned to have a big wedding on June 9, with over 300 guests invited to take part. However, due to the severe weather, only 10 guests made it to the ceremony in the end. In fact, the bride's words at the ceremony touched many people: "Even though we have no guests, no limousine, no fireworks and no music, none of that matters; as long as I have you, I'm happy."

Thousands join search for missing soldier

[2016-07-12 09:28]

In Minhou county, Fujian province, more than 2,000 residents volunteered to search for a missing PLA flood fighter who had been caught in a mudslide, Fuzhou Evening News reported.

Wedding on a flooded frontline

[2016-07-11 11:47]

A wedding for a police officer fighting against flooding and his bride was held Saturday on an embankment at Wuwei town in Wuhu city of East China's Anhui province, where earlier this month torrential rain brought severe flooding.

New tool used to reinforce dikes

[2016-07-11 10:58]

Police are using a new movable tool for the first time to prevent flood water from breaching dikes in the eastern province of Anhui, the news app Qilu Yidian reported.

Dramatic stories during China's floods

[2016-07-05 10:36]

As torrential rains flooded provinces across China over recent days, some heartwarming stories emerged and gave us confidence in fighting the extreme weather.

Life goes on in flooded Wuhan

[2016-07-08 11:06]

Continuous downpours have inundated Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, disrupting the lives of local residents. But amid the rainfall, people are still trying to keep their lives on the right track.

A moving diary, steamed bun heroes...

[2016-07-08 13:59]

An eight-year-old boy's diary, in which he writes of missing and worrying about his father as he joined the flood relief effort, has touched his father's heart and those of others.

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