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Flash flood leaves seven dead, 5-yr-old missing in NW China

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-08-17 10:52
XI'AN - Seven people died and a child remains missing after several vehicles were swept away by flash floods in the northwest province of Shaanxi.

The floods occurred in Ansai County, Yan'an City, on Monday when heavy rain caused two rivers to burst their banks, inundated roads and swept away five cars. More than 400 professionals have been involved in the search and rescue mission over the last two days, Yan'an government said in a statement.

Police said the passengers of two vehicles managed to escape. Seven passengers from another three vehicles died at the scene, and their bodies were pulled from the river. Five cars have been removed from the waterway.

A five-year-old child remains missing. The search continues, the statement said.
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