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Police investigate body found in demolished home

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-07-08 14:59

CHANGSHA -- An autopsy is being carried out on a body found in the debris of a demolished home in Central China's Hunan province after an apparent dispute between the home owners and demolition crew.

The police station of Guanshaling community, Yuelu district of provincial capital Changsha city received the report of the death in Chazishan village on Thursday morning.

The autopsy, involving police authorities of the province, Changsha city and Yuelu district, as well as prosecutors, began on Thursday night to identify the deceased and the cause of death, a spokesperson with the city government told Xinhua on Friday.

Beijing News had quoted a person named Yang Quan claiming to be the son of the deceased, 60-year-old Gong Xuehui. Yang said his mother was left missing after the demolition on June 16 and that her body was found on Thursday by an excavator he hired.

At around 8:30 am on June 16, hundreds of people barged into his home and tried to pull family members, including Gong, outside, according to Yang.

He told Beijing News that they were confined in a car until their home was leveled. Following the chaos, Yang could not find his mother.

The report said the family failed to reach an agreement on compensation with the authority in charge of demolition.

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