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Int'l cooperation helps China capture overseas drug kingpins

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-18 21:53
BEIJING -- China has captured over 100 overseas drug kingpins through cooperation with other countries and international organizations since 1998, the National Narcotics Control Commission (CNNCC) said on Monday, the eve of a UN meeting on drug trafficking.

The CNNCC said in a statement that China has worked with countries including the the United States, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar to uncover trafficking in recent years.

China cooperates with over 50 countries to conduct export and import checks on precursor chemicals. Since 2005, China has seized over 23,000 tonnes of precursor chemicals, and through international checks prevented 20,500 tonnes of precursor chemicals from being exported, according to the CNNCC.

In addition, China has strengthened exchanges with other countries and international organizations in drug education and rehabilitation, and provided help in terms of law enforcement training and equipment.

It has also supported farmers in the Golden Triangle to plant crops other than poppy, the CNNCC said.

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