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Rare giant dinosaur footprint discovered in SW China

( Updated: 2015-11-12 09:09

A rare giant dinosaur footprint has been discovered in SW China's Sichuan province, local media reported on Wednesday.

With a diameter of 60cm and a depth of 20cm, it is among 70 footprints found by researchers from the China University of Geosciences at three spots in Guhua village, Gulin county.

Xing Lida, a PhD candidate, said the specific type of dinosaur that the footprint belongs to is still unknown, and that further research will be carried out.

The latest find also includes footprints of sauropod, bird-footed and theropod dinosaurs, Xing said. These have provided evidence of herbivorous dinosaurs acting in groups, he added, and we have identified dense distribution of middle- and small-sized carnosaur footprints from 100 million years ago.

More than 500 dinosaur footprints have been discovered during two former explorations in the area, including the longest track of predatory dinosaur footprints in East Asia.

Experts have demanded effective preservation of the footprints, and suggested building a national geological park there.

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