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Teacher seeks justice in Chongqing bigamy case

By Su Zhou ( Updated: 2014-07-23 22:36

A bigamy case involving a 27-year-old teacher and the former dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Xiamen University has been filed at a local court in Chongqing, according to

The teacher, whose name is not being used because of the sensitive nature of the case, brought a lawsuit against Ji Yuhua, the dean, for cheating her of the benefits of marriage and causing her pregnancy.

Her attorney, Zhang Zhiyong, is the same attorney who represented Zhao Hongxia, the woman in a widely known case involving an official's sex tape.

The Xiamen scandal was exposed online in November and received nationwide attention. The woman's mother accused Ji of lying to her daughter when he claimed to have been divorced for 26 years. The daughter was six-months' pregnant at the time.

Family members said they attempted to talk with Ji at the university, but said he disappeared. They allege that Ji is the child's father.

"Ji said he was divorced from his wife and showed the certificate to my daughter," the mother said. Later when my daughter got pregnant and wanted to marry him, he told us he was still married to his second wife."

The daughter wanted Ji to assume responsibility as the baby's father, she said.

Ji allegedly paid the family 450,000 yuan ($72,045), but that money was never used.

Ji no longer serves as dean of the college.

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