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Trending news across China on Oct 6

Updated: 2013-10-06 19:59

Have you ever needed to answer a call of nature on the highway? Find out what happened to one woman when the police arrived. Plus, air pollution, Steve Jobs, and more rubber ducks - It's all trending across China.

Singing praise

President Xi Jinping's remarks about Malaysian singer Fish Leong has made her top the Baidu search engine and other hot topics on social networking sites. Leong, who has more than 13 million followers on Sina Weibo, said she felt thankful for Xi's praise and recognition and promised to sing more beautiful songs in the future.

Missing jobs

From online celebrities like Kai-Fu Lee, who has 51 million followers on Sina Weibo, to millions of Apple fans, news media like China's Central Television and videos-sharing websites like Youku, all are discussing Steve Jobs on the second anniversary of his passing on Oct 5, 2011.

Viral crowding

Photos published by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post of large crowds gathering at tourist sites across China went viral across the Internet after they were uploaded to Sina Weibo. The images have been forwarded more than 78,000 times, with 12,000 comments. China Daily also has a story headlined 'Golden Week' losing its luster (

Smog rally

Air pollution still dominates Tencent Weibo as Beijing is still shrouded in heavy smog. Some even joked players at the China Open were doing so at the sacrifice of their lives, and fans watching could face the same fate. Some wondered why it was not cancelled. The good news is that Beijing plans to replace coal-fired power plants before 2015 (

Charity quacks

More than 10,000 rubber ducks wearing gold medals from the Special Olympics International were poured into the Huangpu River, Shanghai, on Saturday during a charity event that raised about 500,000 yuan ($81,703) to support the Special Olympics. Organizers arranged a professional body to salvage the rubber ducks after the match, causing no pollution to the river, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Trending news across China on Oct 6

Marriage costs

More than half of wedding banquets during the National Day holiday cost more than 2,000 yuan ($327), Beijing News reported citing a survey. On Oct 1, a newlywed couple from Guangdong had 44 wedding tables at 5,000 yuan per table at a five-star hotel.

Pee plea

A man stopped his car in the emergency lane of the highway for his wife to answer the call of nature in Xiantao, Central China's Hubei province. When a police car approached, the man drove away immediately for 8 km to park in a service zone, leaving his wife to the police to plea for her guilty full bladder. Police later drove the woman to reunite with her husband without a fine, reported.

Burning money

The tourism bureau in Dengfeng, Henan province has denied it charges 6,000 yuan ($980) to burn one incense stick in front of the Buddha at the Shaolin Temple, reported.

NASA ban

News that NASA has banned Chinese researchers from attending a conference for national security reasons is sizzling hot across the Internet in China. A Sina Weibo user commented that "science knows no national boundaries but it can be hijacked by politics."