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Fans queue to get their hands on Apple Watch

Apple watch went on sale on April 24 around the world, and it proved a hit in China, with fans queuing in front of the outlets even before it started selling.

Apple to appeal after losing trademark case in China

2016-05-05 11:17

Apple Inc will appeal a trademark ruling to China's Supreme Court after it lost a four-year fight against a Beijing leather-products maker.

iPhone 6s now in Chinese stores for Apple fans

2015-09-25 10:32

Apple enthusiasts in China can now pick up their pre ordered iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus at Apple stores. The pre order channel on Apple's official website is accessible for a limited time every day.

Apple's iOS App Store suffers first major attack

2015-09-21 09:32

Several cyber security firms reported finding a malicious program dubbed XcodeGhost that was embedded in hundreds of legitimate apps.

Apple releases new iPhones as China sales boom

2015-09-10 13:14

When Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook unveiled the newest versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Wednesday, he also provided some optimistic numbers on the company's business in China.

Apple CEO visits primary school in Beijing

2015-05-13 09:37

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, talks with students in a digital education class at the primary school affiliated with Communication University of China in Beijing on Tuesday.

Apple Watch faces timely competition

2015-04-25 03:45

When the tech giant delivered the first smartwatch on Friday, a Guangdong factory had already sold tens of thousands of look-alikes.

The real Apple Watchon sale Friday in China

2015-04-24 09:39

Some Chinese have been buying knock-off versions of the Apple Watch, but on Friday they'll get a chance to order the real thing.

Gold Apple Watch Edition sold out in China in less than an hour

2015-04-13 15:12

The Apple Watch Edition that costs 126,800 yuan ($20,402) in the Chinese mainland were snapped up in less than an hour on April 10, according to Tech website

Apple Watch pre-orders go live in China, draws interest

2015-04-10 17:01

One of the key questions regarding the Apple Watch is whether the existing iPhone users will purchase "Apple's most personal device".

Apple Watch clones beat the real thing to market

2015-03-13 09:57

Weeks before Apple Inc's first smartwatch hit the stores, Chinese resellers are already selling cheap resemblances online.

Apple Watch may face tough times in China

2015-03-11 07:11

Although it does have tailor-made features for the local market, its ultra-short battery life and high price can hurt its share.

Auto executives worry Apple,Goolge may hit core operations

2015-03-05 07:46

Automotive executives are taking seriously the prospect that Apple Inc and Google Inc will emerge as competitors even as they consider partnering with the two.

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