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The "Chinese dream," put forth by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is to build a moderately prosperous society and realize national rejuvenation. Find out the latest news report, photos and comments on the concept of "Chinese dream" from China Daily and

Making 'Chinese dream' a reality

The recent plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) promised reforms necessary to pave the way for the realization of Chinese dream.

Experts interpret the Chinese Dream

Officials and scholars from around the world offered diverse views of how the Chinese Dream concept championed by President Xi Jinping will benefit the country and the world.

  • UNESCO chief looks forward to new vision

    2014-03-21 07:53

    President Xi Jinping's visit to the UNESCO headquarters will be historic and an exceptional opportunity for him to share his vision on China's soft power and human development.

  • 'Chinese Dream' to shape global landscape: experts

    2013-12-07 20:28

    The realization of the Chinese Dream presents a vision for national revival and contributes to a new global landscape, said foreign experts at a dialogue Saturday in Shanghai.

  • Intl dialogue on Chinese Dream held in Shanghai

    2013-12-07 19:50

    The realization of the Chinese Dream for the country's population of 1.3 billion will be a great event in human history, said a senior official at a dialogue Saturday in Shanghai.

  • Liaoning carries 'Chinese Dream' on the sea

    2013-11-21 05:17

    Chinese seamen stand in formation forming six Chinese characters reading "Chinese dream, military dream" on the board of the Liaoning aircraft carrier in this undated photo.

  • CPC's stance on religious belief

    2013-10-09 09:18

    Although social circumstances have changed markedly since China implemented its reform and opening-up policy more than three decades ago, the Communist Party of China's stance on its members' belief in Communism has not changed since the Party was founded in 1921.

  • Education key to realizing dream

    2013-10-09 07:18

    At the beginning of the new academic year, the percentage of rural students in Peking University's undergraduate courses was 14 percent. It's true that the ratio of rural students in institutions of Peking University has increased by 2-3 percent over the past two years. But it's also true that the overall percentage is still low.

  • Chinese Dream includes strong PLA

    2013-10-08 07:17

    The centerpiece of the Chinese Dream is the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and a nation cannot be rejuvenated without a strong military.

  • Chinese dream in the making

    2013-09-27 11:48

    The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China's Central Committee will be held in November.

  • Special: Disabled share Chinese dream

    2013-09-18 10:08

    Although they have various disabilities, they have made friends, mastered job skills and created value for society. They face different challenges in finding jobs, but they can support themselves financially and emotionally after consistently hard work.

  • Disabled people share Chinese dream: vice premier

    2013-09-17 19:43

    China has about 85 million disabled people that share the Chinese dream of rejuvenating the nation and living a better life, said a senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday.

  • For many, Chinese dream means happiness

    2013-09-06 08:01

    The determination of Chinese people to achieve happiness can be uplifting.

  • Students urged to dream big

    2013-08-24 11:04

    The Chinese Dream ideal will be the first academic lesson for primary and middle school students across China this year.

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