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Guangdong plans extensive public use of LED products

By Qiu Quanlin ( Updated: 2012-12-07 20:19

Authorities in Guangdong province have created a plan to promote use of light emitting diode products in commercial and household areas in the next few years.

Under the program, LED products will be used in all public lighting in the Pearl River Delta region within the next two years.

"We have also worked out a pilot program to implement use of LED lighting in about 10,000 households, to promote energy efficiency and emission reduction," said Hu Xuejun, director of the Foshan Science and Technology Bureau.

Ai Xiaoming, CEO of Osram (China) Lighting Co, predicted about 50 percent of households in Guangdong will use LED products because the technology is important in emission reduction and energy conservation.

"LED technology developed very fast in recent years. As a company mainly engaged in LED research and manufacturing, we are reducing the prices of the product to meet the needs of ordinary households," Ai said.

The company became a supplier of LED lighting of the Ancestral Temple, a landmark cultural structure in Foshan. Local authorities have taken the temple lighting as a pilot program to push implementation of LED lighting.

"After renovation, the LED lighting will help reduce about 80 percent of electricity in the temple," Ai said.

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