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Son puts together banknotes after dad hacks $21,000 into pieces

By Wu Yan ( Updated: 2016-01-15 08:16

Son puts together banknotes after dad hacks $21,000 into pieces

The bank notes were cut into pieces. [Photo/IC]

An 85-year-old man cut 140,000 yuan ($21,252) worth of bank notes into pieces on impulse and his son and daughter-in-law spent three months putting together 108,000 yuan in Anshan, Northeast China's Liaoning province, Anshan-based Qianshan Evening News reported on Thursday.

The son, surnamed Chen, said his father sold a house for 200,000 yuan last year and kept the money with him. In October, father told Chen that he cut 140,000 yuan out of 200,000 yuan into pieces, in order to let all of his children forget about the money.

Chen was shocked and found each banknote was cut into dozens of pieces. He and his wife joined the pieces from 7 am to 12 am every day from October and put together 1,080 one-hundred banknotes till early January.

Chen exchanged the damaged bank notes into new notes and deposited them with the remaining 60,000 yuan untouched by his father into bank in case his father cut them again.

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