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Downing basins of beer

( Updated: 2015-08-11 11:44

Downing basins of beer

Police called over bland watermelon

A policeman's photo of a report filed went viral online because of the ridiculous nature of the case: a customer disputing with a vendor over a bland watermelon which the vendor refused to refund.

The story has been verified by and confirmed by the Nanjing police bureau in Jiangsu province.

The police saved the situation by buying back the watermelon from the customer. Moreover, the police wrote down his own honest opinion of the watermelon on the report: it did taste bland.

Internet users found the policeman's comment funny, and also cast doubts over whether such trivial cases warranted police attention.

"We cannot ignore any possible case just because it sounds too weird," a staff from Nanjing police bureau said. "Sometimes people failed to describe the story clearly, so we have to go out to the field to understand it better."

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