Icing on the cake

By Yu Ran ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-08-07 15:45:37

Having your cake......

Icing on the cake

Sharing food, making friends

Icing on the cake

Cowboys and aliens just part of life of the prairie 

Business model: Customized fondant cake shop online

Staff: 20

Start-up capital: About 500,000 yuan (($81,010)

Turnaround time: In the second month

Working hours: 9 am – 6 pm

What is fondant?

Invented in the 16th century, fondant has long been renowned for its versatility and pliability as a frosting for cakes. The word “fondant” comes from the French word “fondre”, which means “to melt”. Fondant’s pliability comes from its chemical composition – unlike other types of frosting, it is basically a sugar-water paste and contains no butter, which means it may be stored for long periods of time.

Early fondants were made with rosewater, sugar, lemon juice, egg white and gum paste.

Cake makers prefer to use fondant as a base frosting for elaborately decorated cakes, such as wedding cakes, as it provides a smooth foundation on which to build more fragile decorations.

Today, fondant frosting is usually used with piped frostings and other soft icings, with royal icing as “glue” to hold the fondant shapes.

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