Chinese art is star turn at Japan auction

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Chinese paintings Figures Under the Pine Tree and Snow Landscape by Ming Dynasty artists Qiu Ying and Yuan Ying sold for 690 million Japanese yen ($6.4 million) and 240 million yen respectively at the Tokyo Chuo Auction.

The high price of Qiu's painting attracted huge attention. He was regarded as one of the Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty, with the support of wealthy patrons, and created images of flowers, gardens, religious subjects and landscapes in the fashion of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The market for Chinese items in Japan broke new ground with prices surpassing 100 million yen. An item from the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty recorded a price of 109.25 million yen at the Tokyo Chuo Auction's spring sale this year.

According to People's Daily, Chinese items have become increasingly popular in the Japanese market. Auctions tend to be held together, such as the "Chinese relic autumn auction week" in early September.

Last month's auction, at the Tokyo Dome hotel, featured 1,700 items and 11 special sales with themes such as: Chinese contemporary and modern paintings; Chinese artworks; in memory of Chinese painter Wu Changshuo's 170th birthday and Qi Baishi's paintings.

The sale also included paintings Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival said to be painted by Qiu Ying, and Nanyuan Autumn Hunting which bears Emperor Qianlong's inscription.

Here are the top 10 items at the Tokyo Chuo Auction's autumn sale together with their bidding price (hammer price, with commission and tax included in Japanese yen).

Chinese art is star turn at Japan auction

1. Figures Under the Pine Tree, by Qiu Ying, 801,780,000. [Photo/Artron.Net]

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