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Beijing subway standard not realistic

[2013-08-10 10:30]

A recent attempt made to relieve crowding on subway cars in Beijing is "impractical and unrealistic", according to experts.

Beijing brings sunshine to 1,000 poor students

[2013-08-06 16:00]

Beijing is launching a project to give 4,000 yuan to more than 1,000 freshmen students from disadvantaged families.

Lightning illuminates the cities

[2013-08-01 13:07]

Lightning is seen above buildings in Beijing, July 31, 2013.

Symbol of summer

[2013-07-28 10:15]

Although chuan (barbeque skewered food) can be seen in Beijing throughout the year, more restaurants serve them during summer and new stalls are seen mushrooming at almost every corner.

Beijing Carrefour fire extinguished

[2013-07-24 16:52]

A fire that broke out on the roof of a Carrefour supermarket in downtown Beijing on Wednesday afternoon has been extinguished, according to rescuers.

Guangdong to probe airport bomber's allegations

[2013-07-22 08:03]

Guangdong provincial authorities promised on Sunday to look into the alleged unjust treatment of a disabled man who police say set off an explosive device the day before at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Hebei woman latest case of H7N9

[2013-07-22 01:18]

A 61-year-old woman from Hebei province, is in critical condition after being infected with the H7N9 virus, the latest known case of bird flu on the mainland. Special Virus findings not to affect strategy

Beijing takes lesson from fatal downpour

[2013-07-20 15:54]

The beginning of the major flood season on Saturday has put Beijing authorities on high alert a year after the deadliest downpour in 60 years killed 77 people.

Beijing set for clean campaign

[2013-07-19 19:38]

Alleys, paths and green spaces in Beijing will be targeted in a cleanliness campaign from August, Beijing Daily reported on Friday.

Two die in Beijing stabbing, suspect nabbed

[2013-07-17 20:31]

Two people, including a foreigner, have died after a man went on a rampage with a knife in Beijing on Wednesday.

Institute seeks to help convicts return to society

[2013-07-16 19:47]

China's first institute providing educational training for former prisoners and people sentenced to undertake community service has been established in Beijing's Haidian district.

Life expectancy for Beijing residents increases

[2013-07-11 21:25]

The average life expectancy of residents in Beijing increased nearly two years in the last 10 years, according to a report by the city's health bureau.

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