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Singapore PM starts official visit to China

[2013-08-26 14:26]

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong makes an official visit to China from Aug 25-31 at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

New computer system to keep tabs on welfare claims

[2013-08-26 07:34]

Beijing is to introduce a computer system accessible by various governmental agencies that will help verify the economic circumstances of recipients of low-income allowances, so that welfare spending can be targeted at those most in need.

Duck, pork found in Beijing mutton

[2013-08-22 13:02]

Two batches of fake mutton were found and banned from Beijing's markets, Beijing Times reported.

Baby killer charged in Beijing

[2013-08-22 06:25]

A man accused of killing a baby girl in Beijing has been charged with intentional homicide, according to the No.1 division of the People's Procuratorate of Beijing on Wednesday.

Uncovered manholes unnerve Beijingers

[2013-08-21 15:26]

Victims of uncovered manholes, such as 21-year-old Yang Lijun, who went missing after falling down a manhole during heavy rain in Changsha on March 22, have triggered strong reaction on the Internet.

2 detained for online rumors in Beijing

[2013-08-21 11:31]

Two men have been detained in Beijing for fabricating online rumors and harming the reputation of others, Beijing police confirmed on Wednesday.

Conference takes innovative approach

[2013-08-19 16:48]

A leading start-up, design and IT conference with an innovative approach was held in Beijing on Sunday.

Getting good money on the course

[2013-08-18 13:27]

Bobby Miller, who arrived in Beijing in 2000, is now one of a small army of foreign golf instructors living and working in China.

Golf champion makers in China

[2013-08-18 13:22]

In the search for gold, either it be on a medal or in championship winning, the investment is in training and dedication.

Golf has green future in China

[2013-08-18 09:55]

Golf may be the next big thing in China thanks to the fact that it will be an official medal sport in the next Olympics in Brazil. Golf champion makers in China Getting good money on the course

Beijing to stage 25 classic theater works

[2013-08-12 15:41]

Beijing is staging 25 classic works in the city's major theaters for two weeks until Aug 25.

Little green thumbs

[2013-08-10 11:38]

Teachers with the Golden Kids International School in Beijing, teaches children to identify vegetables in a vegetable garden on Aug 9, 2013.

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