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Oil riches flow from Beijing to New York with fine art

[2013-02-08 14:28]

Although oil painting is a classical tradition in the West, the medium was only introduced to China at the beginning of the 20th century.

Winter scenery of Summer Palace in Beijing

[2013-02-08 14:24]

Photo taken on Feb 4, 2013 shows the scenery of the Summer Palace in winter in Beijing, capital of China.

Art beat in Beijing

[2013-02-08 11:29]

Ditan Park welcomes visitors to Spring Festival fair.The National Center for the Performing Arts presents eight performances.Ding ware is on view during the Spring Festival holiday.

Spring Festival getaways in Beijing

[2013-02-08 10:07]

Keen skiers and amateurs will enjoy a visit to one of Beijing's many ski resorts over the winter, especially when snow falls in the capital and results in better ski conditions.

Beijing ETC system to be linked to Shandong, Shanxi

[2013-02-06 16:49]

The electronic toll collection system in Beijing is expected to be connected to those in Shandong and Shanxi this year, allowing drivers to pay expressway tolls without stopping.

A tour through Beijing’s hutong and 798 Art Zone

[2013-02-06 14:19]

The Beijing Backpack Tour Contest has wrapped up. The winner, Fida Rehman, chosen from over 1,000 candidates, chose a friend and visited 798 Art Zone, Beijing’s hutong, the Drum Tower and Houhai Lake as his reward.

Foreign tourists visit Temple of Heaven in Beijing

[2013-02-06 09:56]

Foreign tourists pose for photo in front of the Hall of Prayer for good harvests in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, capital of China, Feb 5, 2013.

Aquarium show in Beijing

[2013-02-05 16:01]

Beijing Aquarium staffers perform an underwater dragon dance for the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, on Feb 5, 2013.

Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing

[2013-02-05 14:19]

The Prince's Mansion culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, which bridges imperial culture and normal citizen culture.

Spring Festival: A visual feast around Beijing

[2013-02-05 09:19]

A visual feast around Beijing during Spring Festival

4,000 tons of pollution in Beijing air

[2013-02-04 17:27]

A total of 4,000 tons of pollutants are estimated to be in the air in urban areas of Beijing on serious pollution days.

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