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Pre-marital tests down as birth defect rate up

[2013-06-06 21:30]

The Health Bureau of Beijing has urged couples to take pre-marital medical tests to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and help reduce the rate of birth defects.

Beijing resident takes transport body to court

[2013-06-06 20:56]

A resident of Beijing whose car was stolen has taken the municipal transport authority to court, after it refused to give him a new number plate on Thursday.

Taxi request platform has limited success

[2013-06-05 14:48]

Only half of the taxi requests placed by a 24-hour online platform were successful.

Beijing revs its engines in fighting pollution

[2013-06-04 20:48]

Vehicles in Beijing aren't just a means of transportation, they're also a difficult part of the "race" against pollution for Yu Jianhua.

Beijing opens senior posts to public

[2013-06-04 10:51]

The capital will offer six senior official posts to the public with annual pay of more than $32,600.

Reversible lanes to help traffic in Beijing

[2013-05-31 09:18]

Reversible lanes will be introduced in Beijing to relieve road congestion during rush hours.

Beijing reports 2nd H7N9 infection

[2013-05-29 06:49]

Health authorities in Beijing Tuesday reported a second human infection of the H7N9 strain of bird flu in the Chinese capital. Scientists reveal H7N9 clinical findings Special: Fight against H7N9 bird flu

Beijing expatriates caught in a smoggy dilemma

[2013-05-29 01:43]

Beijing's living environment, especially air quality, is now the top challenge in retaining foreign workers, as opposed to salary or career development.
Beijing to shut coal-fired boilers to clean up air 
Beijing targets capital's suburban smog

Beijing to unveil flood warning plan

[2013-05-29 01:43]

Beijing residents will now receive warnings of flooding or other bad weather within five minutes after the capital's government issues a red or orange alert.

Beijing ranks top 4 in world city list

[2013-05-28 20:03]

New York, London, Beijing and Paris are the top four in the 2013 Report on Cultural Diversity and Dynamism of World Cities released in Shanghai on Tuesday.

Online appointments for Beijinger passports

[2013-05-28 09:57]

Beijing residents can make an online appointment to apply for passports starting June 1, 2013, cutting the process by two days.

Beijing to test for H7N9 in flu monitoring system

[2013-05-27 20:54]

Testing for suspected cases of H7N9 will be included in Beijing's flu monitoring network, the city's Health Bureau said on May 27.

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