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London's air pollution policies may help Beijing

[2013-02-25 08:32]

The Chinese capital Beijing recently suffered serious air pollution which gathered headlines across the world. The problems that Beijing and Chinese cities suffer has parallels with pollution problems faced in previous decades, and still faced, in cities in developed countries.

CPC Central Committee to hold 2nd plenum in Beijing

[2013-02-25 07:54]

The Second Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing from Tuesday to Thursday, according to a decision made by members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Saturday.

Beijing orders removal of garbage near reservoir

[2013-02-25 07:12]

Beijing authorities have ordered removal of the garbage in a pit near the Miyun Reservoir, a major source of water for the city, the local environmental protection bureau said late Sunday.

Landfill threatening Beijing drinking water

[2013-02-24 22:10]

The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has launched an investigation after media reported that a landfill near Miyun Reservoir is threatening the city's main source of drinking water.

Golden Key Beijing holds first congress

[2013-02-23 08:07]

Members of the Beijing chapter of Les Clefs d'Or, also known by its English name Golden Key, gathered at the Jiuhua Resort and Convention Center for the local chapter of the global hospitality organization's first congress in January.

China's top legislator returns to Beijing

[2013-02-22 22:31]

Top legislator Wu Bangguo returned to Beijing on Friday after attending a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region and related activities.

Commuters can expect an easier travel experience

[2013-02-22 15:46]

The city of Beijing has plans to improve the commuting experience for its people this year, with a more reasonable approach that calls for a more mature rapid transit network.

Beijing adds 390k vehicles in 2 yrs, a big drop

[2013-02-22 15:10]

About 390,000 motor vehicles have been registered in Beijing over the past two years, less than half of those in 2010.

I Sing Beijing's debut hits a high note

[2013-02-22 14:04]

There's no doubt that I Sing Beijing, a redolent blend of musicians, Western traditions and modern Chinese opera, is an important catalyst in the evolving relationship between the United States and China.

China to publish National V fuel standard

[2013-02-22 13:31]

China's fifth stage of the standard for gasoline and diesel used in vehicles is set to be published this year, after passed the timetable on Feb 6.

Beijing to get more parking spots for taxis

[2013-02-21 08:15]

Plans to add more than 800 parking spaces for taxis in Beijing to ease the difficulty of hailing a cab have received a lukewarm response.

Hole appears in Beijing road over subway construction

[2013-02-20 18:04]

A waist-deep hole appeared in a road in Beijing's Fengtai district, with residents linking it to the construction of the second phase of subway Line 10 under the site.

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