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Spring snow on the Great Wall

[2013-03-21 10:03]

Spring snow covers the Huangyaguan section of the Great Wall, located in north of Ji county, Tianjin municipality, March 20, 2013.

Beckham appointed as CSL ambassordor

[2013-03-20 17:31]

British soccer star David Beckham attends a news conference that he was appointed as the promotion ambassador for the Chinese Super League in Beijing, March 20, 2013.

Here comes CSL ambassador Beckham

[2013-03-20 10:41]

British soccer star David Beckham, center, arrives in Beijing for a 4-day China visit as the promotion ambassador for the Chinese Super League, March 20, 2013.

Beijing planning new airport in S suburbs

[2013-03-19 22:01]

Beijing plans to build a new airport in its southern suburbs in Daxing District, which borders Hebei province, according to a press briefing here on Tuesday.

Beijing to build more water recycling plants

[2013-03-19 11:02]

The Beijing Water Authority said the capital will set up 46 new water recycling plants and upgrade 20 sewage treatment plants in the next three years

Beijing air passengers may be able to check in at subway station

[2013-03-15 21:51]

Air passengers in Beijing may be able to check in for flights at Dongzhimen station, start of the Airport Express line, according to the Beijing Morning Post.

Beijing police crack down on fake goods

[2013-03-15 21:49]

Police in Beijing uncovered more than 150 cases of producing forged and fake goods from January to March.

US college holds first alumni gathering in Beijing

[2013-03-15 21:26]

A United States coeducational college held its first official alumni gathering in Beijing on Thursday with staff members and dozens of alumnus in China, including media and fashion celebrity Hung Huang.

New delivery system piloted at university

[2013-03-15 15:37]

Students at the Renmin University of China can collect their packages from lockers at their campus at any time.

Beijing to buy PM2.5 devices from Italian company

[2013-03-14 22:34]

The Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission on Wednesday reached a deal to buy PM2.5 protection devices from Italian company HSD, China Radio International reported.

Beijing commercial property transactions surge

[2013-03-14 20:57]

Transactions of commercial properties and office buildings in Beijing surged 320.5 percent in the first 10 days of March month-on-month, data from Century 21st showed on Thursday.

Beijing's Fengtai to get half of development funds

[2013-03-14 16:10]

Almost half of the funds put aside to develop south Beijing will be spent in the Fengtai district.

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