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Day in Beijing

[2013-03-04 09:17]

Let markets clean up Beijing's air

[2013-03-04 00:34]

Given that environmental issues are expected to be hot topics at the upcoming two sessions, one can only hope they will be taken seriously.

New subway lines to get Beijing on fast track

[2013-03-02 15:21]

Beijing will open a new subway line and complete the extension of an existing line in May, the latest move to improve transport infrastructure in the southern part of the city, municipal authorities said.

Land prices in Beijing stabilized in Feb

[2013-03-01 22:35]

A total of 13 land parcels in Beijing valued at 10.7 billion yuan ($1.7 billion) were sold on Thursday, with the premium price dropping compared with the end of last year.

Beijing launches stricter auto emissions standard

[2013-03-01 21:16]

Beijing on Friday introduced stricter vehicle emissions regulations, which the environmental authority expects will reduce auto pollution by 40%.

Investment channel a route to Beijing hukuo

[2013-03-01 20:05]

A Beijing hukou, or registered permanent residence, can be obtained through investing in the capital, according to its investment authority.

New Beijing emissions levels 'a big challenge'

[2013-03-01 10:49]

Stricter emissions regulations in Beijing to ease severe air pollution will add pressure to struggling domestic automakers, and push the development of new-energy vehicles, according to auto trade analysts.

Beijing raises taxi fuel surcharge

[2013-03-01 08:08]

Beijing will raise the taxi fuel surcharge following an oil price hike, the city's development and reform authorities said Thursday.

The Bells ring in Beijing

[2013-03-01 07:01]

7:30 pm, March 2. Forbidden City Concert Hall, inside Zhongshan Park, West Chang'an Avenue, Xicheng district, Beijing.

E-powered minivans used on Beijing pilot scheme

[2013-02-28 21:54]

Four companies in Beijing are piloting a new transport scheme involving 70 electric-powered minivans, with the help of subsidies from the municipal government.

Feb 28-March 6, 1990: National political and legal affairs work conference held in Beijing

[2013-02-28 16:54]

The conference said that the basic guideline for the political and legal affairs work this year and for a period in the future was to mobilize the whole Party and social forces to make every effort to maintain social stability.

Beijing vows cleaner air

[2013-02-28 14:40]

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