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Chinese mainland most optimistic about future, claims research

( Updated: 2015-07-10 15:31

Those who earn average monthly household income of 45,202 yuan ($6,858) consider themselves as middle class in Chinese mainland, according to a report from research company Ipsos.

The research focused on north Asia, with the Chinese mainland coming at the second place in monthly household income of a middle class and Hong Kong sitting at the top with 51,465 yuan, followed by South Korea and Taiwan.

Out of those who took part in the study, the respondents from Chinese mainland are the most optimistic about life improving in the next year.

About 70 percent in Chinese mainland put health as their top priority, followed by happy relationship at 47 percent and successful career at 40 percent, says report.

To a certain degree, success goes closely with wealth. Seventy percent who have liquid assets of 1.5 million yuan consider themselves "successful".

Based on the data, participants of Chinese mainland believe 7.7 million yuan bank savings and 12.4 million yuan in total assets will guarantee their wealth in the long term.

Sixty two percent of respondents of Chinese mainland don't have a retirement plan, which is far higher than the average of forty-five.

Fifty-seven percent of Chinese mainland people prefer enjoying their life rather than having a financial plan, which shows that they have a higher hope of their children supporting them after retirement.

A total of 1,000 took part in the research in Chinese mainland.

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