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Chinese brands' SUV sales increase 52% in Sept

[2013-11-07 16:23]

Chinese brands' SUV sales in September rose 52.3 percent on a yearly basis to 99,071 units, and their market share was down by 5 percentage points to 37.5 percent.

September sales of Japanese brands' SUVs up 114%

[2013-11-07 16:02]

September sales of Japanese brands' locally produced SUVs in China increased by 114 percent year-on-year to 59,619 units, and their market share was 22.5 percent, up 4.6 percentage points.

China's Oct commodities imports to rise

[2013-11-06 16:21]

China's main commodities imports of crude oil, copper and iron ore are still expected to post strong annual growth as economic recovery gathers pace.

Great Wall's profit rises 61% Q1-Q3

[2013-11-04 13:36]

Great Wall Motor Co, posted a profit of 6.2 billion yuan ($1 billion) for the first three quarters of this year, up 61 percent from the year-earlier period.

Survey: Rising domestic car quality

[2013-11-04 08:11]

Domestic automakers continue to make strides in improved vehicle quality as they narrow the gap with international brands.

Domestic films set to dominate box office

[2013-11-05 10:50]

Domestic movies are expected to conquer the Chinese market, after being beaten by imported productions for the first time in four years in 2012.

Fair sees nearly 11% slump in deals

[2013-11-05 07:10]

Overseas demand for Chinese goods has yet to fully recover after a dramatic decline in transactions during the fall session of China's largest trade fair.

Luxury shoppers get more sophisticated

[2013-11-05 00:24]

Chinese luxury consumers are getting more sophisticated, as they increasingly look for unique products and expect professional services.

Yuan cross-border trade settlement hits 8.6t

[2013-11-02 09:26]

China's cross-border trade settlements in its national currency, the yuan or renminbi, totalled 8.6 trillion yuan ($1.4 trillion) by the end of September.

French wine exports reach record level

[2013-10-24 20:04]

Exports of French wine reached a record level last year thanks to the growing demand for high-end wines in the Asian market.

Fast growth of property loans in China

[2013-10-24 09:32]

Loans in China's real estate sector grew steadily as the housing market regained vigor, data from the central bank showed Wednesday.

China's crude oil output rises 2.3%

[2013-10-24 09:17]

China's crude oil output reached 155.19 million tons in the first three quarters, a year-on-year increase of 2.3 percent.

Ticking off sales in timely work

[2013-10-24 07:34]

China has topped Omega's global markets with the biggest sales volume.

Home prices rise further in Sept

[2013-10-22 23:49]

Prices of new and secondhand homes continued to rise in most Chinese cities in September, led by first-tier markets and some second- and third-tier ones.

Micro-credit firms issue $26.3b in loans

[2013-10-23 10:08]

New yuan-denominated loans issued by China's micro-credit companies amounted to 161.2 billion yuan ($26.3 billion) in the first three quarters.

China urban land prices up for six quarters

[2013-10-23 09:28]

China's urban land prices have increased for six consecutive quarters, according to a survey by China's land price monitor on Tuesday.
Home prices rise further in Sept

Imported iron ore stockpiles rise

[2013-10-22 16:26]

Stockpiles of iron ore at 25 major ports in China increased last week, suggesting sluggish trade, according to a Tuesday report by Xinhua News Agency.

China's home prices continue to rise

[2013-10-22 10:12]

Prices of both new and existing homes continued to rise in most Chinese cities in September, according to official data released on Tuesday.

Underdeveloped second-hand luxury market speeds up

[2013-10-18 17:47]

Trade volume of second-hand luxury items in China this year may have reached three billion yuan and the sector may keep growing 30 percent each year.

China's retail sales up 12.9% in first 3Q

[2013-10-18 10:22]

Retail sales in China rose 12.9 percent in in the first nine months from a year earlier, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show on Friday.

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