Business / Industry Watch

Residential land prices up 2.26% in 2012

[2013-01-16 10:28]

Average residential land prices in China rose 2.26 percent year-on-year to reach 4,620 yuan ($733.33) per square meter in 2012.

China's shipbuilding output down 21.4% in 2012

[2013-01-16 10:14]

China's shipbuilding output stood at 60.21 million deadweight tonnage (DWT) in 2012, down 21.4 percent year-on-year.

Macao hotel occupancy rate reaches 87.3% in Nov

[2013-01-15 11:20]

The average occupancy rate of Macao's hotels reached 87.3 percent in November, with four-star hotels leading at 90.1 percent.

Macao's package tour arrivals up 8.6% in Nov

[2013-01-14 17:34]

Macao's visitor arrivals in package tours in November rose by 8.6 percent year-on-year to 853,991, said the city's Statistics and Census Service.

HK airport traffic hits record high

[2013-01-14 10:56]

Passenger volume and air traffic movements at Hong Kong International Airport hit record highs of 56.5 million and 352,000 last year.

Chinese crude oil imports rise 6.8% in 2012

[2013-01-14 09:36]

China, the world's second-largest oil consumer, imported 271 million tons of crude oil last year, a rise of 6.8 percent year on year.

4.94 trillion kwh of electricity generated in 2012

[2013-01-12 15:17]

China's electricity output hit 4.94 trillion kilowatt-hours (kwh) last year, an increase of 4.52 percent year-on-year, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission said Friday.

China's electricity output rises 4.52%

[2013-01-11 17:49]

China's electricity output hit 4.94 trillion kilowatt-hours last year, an increase of 4.52 percent year-on-year.

China's auto sales expand 4.33% in 2012

[2013-01-11 17:35]

China's annual auto sales hit a new high at 19.31 million units in 2012, an industry association said Friday.

Smart cities to drive $322b investment by 2015

[2013-01-11 17:35]

China's future "smart cities" will be a main driver of its urbanization process, with 2 trillion yuan ($322 billion) set to be devoted to more than 600 cities nationwide.

China's 2012 tourism revenues top 2.57t yuan

[2013-01-11 12:17]

Tourism revenues in China are expected to top 2.57 trillion yuan ($407.94 billion) in 2012, up 14 percent year-on-year.

Vehicle sales overtake Europe in 2012

[2013-01-10 03:06]

China overtook Europe in vehicle sales in 2012 and is now in pole position after passing the United States in 2009.

Land revenue dropped to 2t yuan in 2012

[2013-01-09 16:57]

Local governments' revenue from land sales dropped 12.6 percent year-on-year in 2012 to about 2 trillion yuan ($321.4 billion), an industry report said.

China's box office breaks 17b yuan in 2012

[2013-01-09 16:56]

China's box office sales hit 17.07 billion yuan ($2.74 billion) in 2012, surging 30.18 percent year-on-year.

China earmarks 500m yuan for cultural firms

[2013-01-09 13:07]

China allocated 500 million yuan to fund the development of centrally-administered State-owned cultural enterprises last year.

Services outsourcing sector to grow 40% annually

[2013-01-08 16:45]

The value of China's services outsourcing sector will grow about 40 percent annually in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) period to $85 billion by the end of 2015.

China to lower drug prices by 15% in Feb

[2013-01-08 16:44]

Twenty categories, or more than 400 varieties, of drugs will see their maximum retail prices adjusted as of February with average price cuts of 15 percent.

China '12 rural home appliance sales jump 18.8%

[2013-01-08 09:55]

Home appliance sales under China's rural subsidy program rose 18.8 percent year-on-year to 214.52 billion yuan in 2012.

Health insurance to cover 95% of rural residents

[2013-01-08 07:43]

China will increase spending on public health insurance, particularly for rural residents, ensuring that at least 95 percent of its rural population is covered.

Beijing housing prices drop 7.6% in 2012

[2013-01-07 16:06]

Beijing has seen an increase in the number of residential apartments sold in the city and witnessed a drop in prices for newly built homes in 2012.