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Online shopping firms see rise in mobile business

[2013-08-23 07:48]

Shopping via mobile devices is catching on rapidly in China, Taobao mobile shopping app had attracted 100 million new users in the first half of this year.

Jan-July logistics volume picks up

[2013-08-22 17:16]

China issued logistics data for the first seven months. Volume grew slightly faster and cost rises slowed, indicating a recovering economy and higher efficiency.

Mobile game firms looking abroad

[2013-08-21 08:04]

Intensifying domestic competition is driving Chinese mobile game developers into overseas markets, said Google Inc.

China's coal output, sales decline

[2013-08-20 09:02]

China's coal output and sales both declined in the first seven months of 2013, statistics from the China National Coal Association showed on Monday.

Home prices continue to rise in July

[2013-08-19 09:46]

Prices of both new and existing homes continued to rise in most Chinese cities in July, according to official data released on Sunday.

Home price rises in most Chinese cities slow in July

[2013-08-19 00:46]

Prices of homes in most of the Chinese cities are still on the rise in July, but their month-on-month gains continue to narrow..

China sees slowing tablet PC sales growth

[2013-08-16 09:01]

Tablet computer sales growth in China slowed during the second quarter of this year with sales totaling 3.57 million units.

Slowing economy takes toll

[2013-08-15 09:24]

The asset quality of Chinese lenders deteriorated further as the economy slowed, data from the regulator and the interim results of listed banks show.
China's 2013 growth around 7.5%

Hot times mean hotter prices

[2013-08-14 07:38]

A persistent heat wave over East and South China is killing vegetables and pushing food prices higher but will not cause dramatic inflation, economists said.

Weather bears down on rice

[2013-08-14 07:38]

Drought, heat, heavy rain and floods in China's major rice-growing regions are likely to cut the country's harvest and increase reliance on imports.

More IT solution for Banks

[2013-08-14 11:03]

IDC is expecting China's banking industry IT solution market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7% from 2013 to 2017 to reach RMB 32.44 billion in 2017.

China's e-commerce surges in H1

[2013-08-14 08:59]

China's e-commerce sector raked in 4.98 trillion yuan ($807 billion) in revenue in the first half of this year, up 45.3 percent year-on-year.

Gold still glitters in China

[2013-08-13 07:24]

China's gold consumption rocketed by 54 percent in the first half of 2013 despite a bearish market globally.

The only way is up

[2013-08-09 10:07]

Elevator and escalator manufacturers ride high on the back of China's urbanization

China's fixed-asset investment up 20.1%

[2013-08-09 14:13]

China's urban fixed-asset investment grew 20.1 percent year on year in the first seven months, staying flat from the figure for the first half.

Rare earths on shaky ground

[2013-08-09 00:10]

China's exports of rare earth ores and downstream products have increased month after month this year, but many companies are struggling.

China's July retail sales rise 13.2%

[2013-08-09 14:09]

China's nominal retail sales grew 13.2 percent year-on-year in July to 1.85 trillion yuan, the National Bureau of Statistics announced on Friday.

China's industrial output growth picks up in July

[2013-08-09 14:05]

The growth of China's industrial output picked up in July, with industrial value-added output expanding 9.7 percent year on year.

Nation poised to import more GMO products

[2013-08-08 06:38]

China's recent move to allow imports of genetically modified Argentine corn could be a sign that the country is ready to buy more GMO food products from the global market.

Getting freight traffic back on rails

[2013-08-08 07:58]

Having been given a taste of the new order, many logistics companies hoped to see the reform improve the service permanently, as predicted by experts.