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Real estate loans make up 30% of 2013 increase

[2014-01-27 16:39]

Real estate lending in China rose by 2.34 trillion yuan ($387 billion) in 2013, accounting for almost 30 percent of the total increase in loans during the same period.

China's intl service outsourcing surges in 2013

[2014-01-27 09:42]

Chinese contractors took $62.34 billion through international service outsourcing in 2013, up 42.2 percent year on the year.

China expects 13% rise in 2014 retail sales

[2014-01-24 09:56]

China's consumption will maintain steady growth in 2014, with retail sales expected to rise by 13 percent, vice commerce minister Fang Aiqing said Thursday.

Beijing's retail vacancy rate falls

[2014-01-22 17:34]

The vacancy rate in Beijing's core retail market decreased by 1.5 percentage points quarter-on-quarter to 4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, the second-lowest level since the first quarter of 2000.

Unconventional natural gas output growth hits record low

[2014-01-22 14:33]

China's unconventional natural gas output was 112 billion cubic meters in 2013, up only 0.34 percent year-on-year, a record low in five years, Sublime China Information Group Co Ltd said on Tuesday.

Insurance income highest in 4 years

[2014-01-22 14:21]

China's insurance industry achieved 365.8 million yuan ($60.4 million) investment income in 2013 with a 5.04 percent rate of return, a record high for the past four years.

China state firms' profit growth slows

[2014-01-22 09:33]

The annual profit growth of China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) moderated to 5.9 percent in 2013, from 8.2 percent in the January-November period.

Home prices continue to climb in China

[2014-01-18 11:31]

Home prices in major Chinese cities continued to climb despite repeated government efforts to cool the sector, official data showed on Saturday.

China's electricity firms report profit surge

[2014-01-17 14:00]

China's top five electricity companies on Thursday reported a combined net profit of 47.39 billion yuan ($7.78 billion) last year.

China's diamond trade rebounds in 2013

[2014-01-17 09:35]

Trade through the Shanghai Diamond Exchange rose 12 percent to $4.3 billion in 2013, according to the exchange on Thursday.

Gas imports to rise by 19%

[2014-01-16 07:31]

China's dependency on imported natural gas is expected to surge almost 19 percent this year as the nation's battle against air pollution drives up demand for the clean-burning fuel.

China's 2014 auto sales may rise 10%

[2014-01-11 15:16]

Auto market in China is expected to grow 10 percent in 2014, driven by strong domestic demand, according to CAAM.

China bankcard consumer confidence declines

[2014-01-10 09:53]

Chinese consumers with bankcards showed weaker confidence in consumption in December, according to an index released on Thursday.

China vehicle sales race ahead

[2014-01-09 01:01]

After virtual stagnation for two years, passenger vehicle sales in China surged 17 percent in 2013, which beat industry expectations of a single-digit rise.

Era of 4G to bring changes to nation

[2014-01-08 07:06]

China's government issued fourth-generation mobile network licenses to the country's three telecom operators on Dec 4.

Homegrown movies just the ticket for film fans

[2014-01-08 07:06]

China's box office revenue reached 21.77 billion yuan ($3.57 billion) in 2013, increasing 27.51 percent year-on-year.

China's logistics industry slows

[2014-01-07 09:06]

China's logistics sector grew at a slightly slower pace in December compared with a month earlier, according to figures released Monday.

Diaper firms set to clean up with disposables

[2014-01-02 08:09]

Propelled by the policy change, multinational companies in the baby diaper industry have embarked on expansion plans in China.

Tainted farmland to be restored

[2013-12-31 01:11]

Farming of contaminated arable land almost the size of Belgium has been halted and the land will be rehabilitated to ensure food security.

Cyber cafe waiter turned entrepreneur

[2013-12-26 08:15]

Jeff Lyndon was a hard-core video game player when he was a child. His mother used to lecture him whenever she saw him playing, asking: "Can you make a living by playing games?"