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China's Sept industrial production rises 10.2%

[2013-10-18 10:20]

China's industrial production rose 10.2 percent year on year in September, slightly down from August's 10.4-percent increase, official data showed on Friday.

Sept vehicle sales race to robust increase

[2013-10-12 07:11]

Vehicle sales in China showed unexpectedly robust growth in September as Japanese producers continued to recover from anti-Japanese sentiment last year.

Riding the wave of big bargain buy-ups

[2013-10-14 06:31]

Across Europe, be it Germany, Italy, Belgium, the UK or France, investment by Chinese companies has been rising steadily and moved on to broader sectors.
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Express delivery set to hit $65b by 2020

[2013-10-10 14:54]

The market value of China's express delivery industry will reach 400 billion yuan ($65.3 billion) by 2020, said Ma Junsheng, head of the State Post Bureau.

Chinese industrial output growth to remain high

[2013-10-12 17:06]

Stabilized demand from the three main drivers of China's economic growth means industrial output expansion should remain at a relatively high pace.

Sipping sector shows moderate growth

[2013-10-11 15:11]

A key index gauging the state of the shipping industry in the third quarter rebounded 15 points to 101.7-points on a quarter-on-quarter basis.

The man who likes to cut a fine figure

[2013-10-10 07:21]

China represents more than a quarter of the global market for electronic shavers so it is crucial for Braun to understand local customer needs.

Audi global sales up 10% in Sept, hit new record

[2013-10-09 14:38]

The company continued to benefit from growing sales in the United States (+6.2 percent) and double-digit growth rates in China (+28.2 percent).

Service-sector expansion slows

[2013-10-09 07:41]

China's service sector expanded at a moderate pace in September, indicated by a 52.4 reading for the HSBC Services Purchasing Managers' Index, down from 52.8 in August.

Picture brightens for corporate profits

[2013-09-28 07:38]

The net income of China's industrial companies gained traction in the first eight months, offering further evidence of economic stabilization.

China sees robust electronic imports, exports

[2013-09-27 10:08]

China's imports and exports of electronic and IT products amounted to $867.3 billion in the first eight months of 2013, up 17.6 percent year-on-year.

China's petrochemical income up 9.9% Jan-July

[2013-09-26 10:10]

The main business income of China's petrochemical industry grew 9.9 percent to 6.60 trillion yuan ($1.07 trillion) in the first seven months of 2013.

Smartphone shipments to soar

[2013-09-26 07:13]

Smartphone shipments in China will hit 450 million in 2014, pushed up by aggressive tactics by local vendors and the advent of the 4G network.

China's farm produce prices continue to rise

[2013-09-25 16:14]

The prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities continued to climb last week, according to official data on Wednesday.

China's logistics sector reports higher growth

[2013-09-22 16:34]

Higher growth was reported in China's logistics sector for the first eight months of 2013 on Sunday, with goods worth $20.62 trillion moving around the country.

China sees drop in donations

[2013-09-22 09:50]

About 81.7 billion yuan ($13.35 billion) in donations from home and abroad were made in China last year, down 3.31 percent year-on-year.

Mobile network security offer opportunities

[2013-09-18 11:16]

IDC expects China IT security market to experience a year-on-year growth of 12.7% in 2013 to reach a market size of $1,830 million.

Tourists change spending pattern

[2013-09-14 14:40]

Outbound tourism has shown signs of weakening spending power for high-end products as tourists become more focused on what exactly they want from a holiday.

China's auto sales up 10.3% in Aug

[2013-09-10 20:03]

China's auto sales rose 10.28 percent year-on-year with 1.65 million units sold in August, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced Tuesday.

China's bankcard consumer confidence drops in August

[2013-09-09 17:11]

Chinese consumer spending using bankcards dropped slightly in August illustrating stable consumer confidence, according to the Bankcard Consumer Confidence Index.