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Retail sales surge during Spring Festival

[2013-02-18 17:11]

Beijing retail sales rose 8.2 percent year-on-year to 1.06 billion yuan ($168.45 million) during the Spring Festival, the China Chain Store and Franchise Association said on Sunday.

China to secure 1.67b mu of grain land in 2013

[2013-02-18 10:21]

China plans to secure over 1.67 billion mu (111.27 million hectares) of land for grain farming this year, a senior official said Sunday.

China's gold consumption up 9.35%

[2013-02-17 09:50]

China's gold consumption amounted to 832.18 tonnes in 2012, an increase of 9.35 percent from a year earlier, data from China Gold Association showed.

Spring Festival tourism revenue up 15.4%

[2013-02-17 09:17]

Tourism revenue in China rose 15.4 percent year-on-year during the week-long Spring Festival holiday, the National Tourism Administration said Saturday.

Beijing tourism revenue up 15% during holiday

[2013-02-16 12:58]

Beijing reaped 3.88 billion yuan ($617.8 million) in tourism revenue during this year's seven-day Spring Festival holiday, up 15 percent year-on-year.

Gold demand set to outstrip supply by 2015

[2013-02-16 09:06]

Chinese consumers' seemingly insatiable thirst for gold is set to provide a strong impetus for local mines.

Retailers ring up record $86b

[2013-02-16 08:52]

China's retail sales surged to record highs over the week-long Spring Festival, as tourist attractions also reported strong visitor numbers.

Luxury car sales in overdrive

[2013-02-14 09:53]

French ultra-super sports brand Bugatti sold six sports cars in China in the first three quarters of 2012, a sales record for the brand.

Chinese cultural exports rise 16.3%

[2013-02-11 09:18]

Exports of cultural products rose 16.3 percent in 2012 from the previous year to $21.73 billion, according to customs data.

Chinese AMCs see large profits in 2012

[2013-02-10 15:34]

China's four asset management companies (AMCs) made combined profits of 37.6 billion yuan in 2012, according to the companies' latest fiscal reports.

China targets $287b resource recycling industry

[2013-02-10 09:17]

China will boost the annual output value of its resource recycling industry to 1.8 trillion yuan by 2015 as part of the country's bid to develop a circular economy.

China sees 3.1% growth of steel output in 2012

[2013-02-09 14:28]

China produced 716.54 million tons of crude steel in 2012, 657.91 million tons of iron and 951.86 million tons of steel.

China to cut unit industrial energy consumption by 5%

[2013-02-09 14:24]

In 2013 China will try to cut energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission for per unit industrial value added by over 5 percent, an energy official said.

Survey predicts 10% fall in coal imports

[2013-02-08 10:42]

China's coal imports will decline 10 percent year-on-year in 2013, the first drop in five years, due to increasing domestic supply.

200k Chinese to go Thailand for holidays

[2013-02-08 10:22]

Thai public and private sectors are preparing Thailand for Chinese New Year as at least 200,000 tourists from China are expected to celebrate in the country.

January vehicle sales surge 45.4%

[2013-02-08 09:47]

China's passenger vehicle sales in January surged more than 45 percent from a year earlier, the largest year-on-year growth since April 2010.

China world's top gold producer again

[2013-02-07 11:18]

China produced the most gold in the world in 2012, making it the largest producer for the sixth straight year, industry association data showed.

China spends more on affordable housing

[2013-02-07 09:21]

China's government has stepped up efforts to ensure housing for low-income residents as its regulated property market has warmed in recent months.

Textile exports at 2nd-lowest rate in 20-yr

[2013-02-06 10:38]

China's textile exports dipped to second-lowest level in the past two decades amid calls for the sector to focus more on the domestic market.

'Skyfall' remains top at Chinese box office

[2013-02-06 09:42]

"Skyfall" raked in 100 million yuan ($16.04 million) in the week ending Feb 3 dominating the Chinese box office, statistics from China Film News showed.