Business / Industry Watch

Outdoor industry's market value hits 11b yuan in 2011

[2013-02-27 22:04]

China's outdoor industry reached a market value of 11 billion yuan ($1.74 billion) in 2011, a year-on-year jump of more than 40 percent.

Mobile phone penetration rate likely to pass 120% in 2013

[2013-02-27 21:14]

China's mobile phone penetration rate is likely to pass 120 percent this year, as more people in the country own multiple mobile accounts.

Macao's visitor arrivals down 6.1% in Jan

[2013-02-27 13:55]

Macao's visitor arrivals decreased by 6.1 percent year-on-year to 2,312,321 in January this year.

4M broadband to cover 70% of Chinese users

[2013-02-27 10:04]

More than 70 percent of China's Internet users will enjoy access to broadband Internet services in 2013.

Imported iron ore stockpiles pick up

[2013-02-26 17:15]

Stockpiles of iron ore at 25 major Chinese ports picked up during the week ending Feb 25 due to increased business activities.

Chinese telecom main revenues up 6.8% in Jan

[2013-02-26 11:16]

China's telecom sector registered main business revenues of 87.2 billion yuan ($13.84 billion) in January.

China's gold output rises 11.66%

[2013-02-25 09:43]

China produced 403.1 tons of gold in 2012, up 42.1 tons or 11.66 percent year-on-year.

China's aluminum stockpiles reach new high

[2013-02-23 09:39]

China's aluminum inventories reached a record high this week, caused by rapidly growing supply and weak demand in the country, resulting in sharp price drops.

China's energy use rises 3.9% in 2012

[2013-02-23 00:54]

China's energy consumption totaled 3.62 billion tonnes of standard coal equivalent in 2012, up 3.9 percent year-on-year.

Chinese own over 53 million private cars

[2013-02-23 00:53]

The number of registered private cars reached 53.08 million units by the end of 2012, up 22.8 percent from a year earlier, the National Bureau of Statistics said.

China's house prices continued rebound in Jan

[2013-02-22 11:11]

The new and pre-owned housing markets of around three fourth of China's major cities experienced price increases in January.

China's lottery sales surge in Jan

[2013-02-21 16:40]

China's lottery ticket sales surged 51.1 percent year-on-year in January to hit 24.86 billion yuan ($3.96 billion), official data shows.

Travel costs drop after Spring Festival

[2013-02-20 10:36]

The world's largest human migration - otherwise known as the Chinese lunar New Year - has ended this Sunday, and the prices of airfare and accommodation are coming back to normal. For savvy travelers, this off-season is now proving to be the best time to explore South East Asia without the high price tag and swells of crowds.

TCM demand grows globally

[2013-02-20 07:46]

Foreign drugmakers explore opportunities in traditional Chinese medicine as the remedies become popular in Western markets.

China to become top smart device market

[2013-02-19 18:18]

China will pass the United States to become the world's top country for active Android and iOS smartphones and tablets by the end of February.

Renewable energy generation soared in 2012

[2013-02-19 18:15]

China's renewable energy power generation in 2012 rose 30.3 percent from a year earlier to 968 billion kilowatt-hours.

Fixed-asset investment in rail sector surges in Jan

[2013-02-19 18:07]

China's railway industry saw a big increase in fixed assets investment and infrastructure investment in January for the first month this year.

Wireless data traffic surges

[2013-02-19 10:05]

Chinese spent more time surfing the Internet on mobile phones and using diversified mobile applications during this year's Spring Festival than during the holiday in 2012.

Chow's movie smashes Spring Festival box-office records

[2013-02-19 09:22]

Stephen Chow's latest comedy Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons took millions of people on a magical adventure during the nation's largest holiday, and landed on top of the country's box-office charts, contributing to record-breaking holiday ticket sales.

'Odyssey' dominates Chinese box office

[2013-02-18 17:40]

Fantasy action comedy "Odyssey" took 560 million yuan ($89.7 million) in the week ending February 17, dominating the Chinese box office.