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Travel costs drop after Spring Festival

Updated: 2013-02-20 10:36
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The world's largest human migration - otherwise known as the Chinese lunar New Year - has ended this Sunday, and the prices of airfare and accommodation are coming back to normal. For savvy travelers, this off-season is now proving to be the best time to explore South East Asia without the high price tag and swells of crowds.

Travel agencies in China are experiencing their off-season following the Lunar New Year. Since air fees and hotel prices have largely dropped, prices of tour packages are also falling. Many agencies have kicked off special offers. For example, a four-day trip to China's famous holiday resort Xishuangbanna in Yunan Province only costs 880 yuan.

Zhu Bowei, Manager, Kunming Scenery International Travel Agency, said, "The falling transport fees have changed the supply and demand sides. Considering the market, we lowered our prices by 20% to 30%."

Trips going to South-east Asia saw the largest price cuts. Compared to the prices during the holiday, they have now dropped by 20 to 40% on average. This presents a lucrative option for people who have free time to spend after the holiday.

Zhu Bowei, Manager, Kunming Scenery International Travel Agency, said, "It is a good opportunity to avoid crowds in scenic spots. According to our numbers, a 10 to 20 percent increase in tourists has happened compared to previous years."

However, prices for tours to Europe have largely remained the same due to stable transport costs and nice weather in the continent.