Business / Industry Watch

China's telecom sector revenues down 4% in Oct

[2014-11-24 10:10]

Business revenues in China's telecommunications sector fell 4 percent to 89.1 billion yuan ($14.5 billion) in October.

China farm produce prices up slightly

[2014-11-19 17:08]

China's farm produce prices in 36 large and medium-sized cities edged up slightly in the week ending Nov 16 compared with the previous week.

Chinese appetite for foreign currency expands

[2014-11-19 10:48]

China experienced a third straight month of deficit in foreign exchange transactions as the country's growing appetite for foreign currency expands.

Home prices maintain declining in China

[2014-11-18 09:53]

Home prices in most Chinese cities continued to drop in October despite easing government restrictions on the market.

Mainland personal trips to Taiwan exceed 1 million

[2014-11-17 15:55]

Over one million personal trips have been made to Taiwan by Chinese mainland visitors so far this year.

Lock-up shares worth 9.6b yuan eligible for trade

[2014-11-17 10:13]

Lock-up shares valued at about 9.6 billion yuan ($1.56 billion) will become eligible for trade on the Chinese mainland's stock market in the coming week.

China banks' bad loan ratio slightly up

[2014-11-17 09:22]

The ratio of non-performing loans for commercial banks in China climbed to 1.16 percent by the end of September, up 0.09 percentage points from the end of June.

China Oct auto sales up 2.8%

[2014-11-14 17:46]

China's auto sales rose 2.8 percent year on year to 1.98 million units in October, data from an industry association showed on Friday.

China's marine economy sees steady expansion

[2014-11-08 17:21]

China's marine economy is steadily expanding, generating a huge number of jobs and soothing energy shortage.

Mainland visits to Taiwan surpass 10 million

[2014-11-08 16:36]

Chinese mainland visitors to Taiwan have surpassed 10 million since the Taiwan tourism market was opened to mainland tourists in 2008, latest data showed.

China's phone users reach 1.5b

[2014-11-06 10:14]

China's phone users numbered 1.53 billion at the end of September, including 1.27 billion mobile phone users, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on Wednesday.

Mainland-Taiwan yuan transactions double in Jan-Sept

[2014-11-05 15:46]

Yuan transactions between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan hit 309.1 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 96 percent year on year, China's central bank said on Tuesday.

China's imported iron ore stockpiles rise

[2014-11-05 10:09]

Stockpiles of imported iron ore at 33 major Chinese ports surged 1.44 percent as of Nov 3 compared to a week earlier due to weak demand, new data showed Tuesday.

Home sales in Hangzhou surge to new high

[2014-11-04 11:10]

October's housing sales in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou surged to a five-year high in terms of units following a spate of measures to boost the market.

China's property investment cools in August

[2014-09-13 17:39]

The growth of China's property sector investment continued to slow in August, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Saturday.

China's auto sales up 4.04% in August

[2014-09-11 17:35]

China's automobile sales hit 1.71 million units in August, up 4.04 percent year on year and 6.72 percent month on month.

China Railway profits rise in infrastructure boom

[2014-09-01 08:25]

China Railway Group Limited, one of the country's leading infrastructure builders, has posted a net profit increase of 16.42 percent from the same period last year in the first half of 2014.

China's top aluminum producer incurs huge loss in H1

[2014-08-29 10:25]

The Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd (Chalco), the country's largest smelter of the industrial metal, posted a first-half net loss of 4.123 billion yuan ($669 million).

Chinese real estate business damp in Jan-July

[2014-08-28 09:04]

Growth of tax revenue from China's real estate sector slowed in the past seven months and so did government revenue from land transactions, said a State Council report on Wednesday.

China's lottery sales rise 24% in first 7 months

[2014-08-27 09:56]

A rush by Chinese to gamble on the FIFA Brazil World Cup led to a doubling of lottery sales for two months in a row.