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  • Italy celebrates 150th anniversary of unification

    2011-06-03 09:08

    Italy officially celebrated its 150th anniversary as a unified state Thursday, with dozens of world leaders attending the ceremony rarely seen in recent years.

  • Explosions heard in Libyan capital

    2011-06-03 07:51

    Strong explosions were heard in Libyan capital Tripoli Thursday night, following NATO airstrikes, a Xinhua reporter said.

  • Yemen fighting intensifies,US envoy in talks

    2011-06-03 06:44

    Forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh battled with tribal fighters in Yemen's capital on Thursday in clashes that killed dozens as a US envoy flew around the region to try to stop a looming civil war.

  • Chinese scientists identifies E.coli strain

    2011-06-03 06:27

    A highly infectious new strain of E.coli bacteria is causing a deadly outbreak of food poisoning in Germany, scientists said on Thursday.

  • Rebels arrest three suspects related to Gaddafi

    2011-06-03 06:13

    A senior Libyan opposition official said Thursday a blast in their bastion Benghazi Wednesday was conducted by the ring loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and three suspects in the case have been arrested.

  • WHO: E. coli outbreak caused by new strain

    2011-06-02 20:57

    The E. coli bacteria responsible for a deadly outbreak that has left 18 dead and sickened hundreds in Europe is a new strain that has never been seen before, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

  • Russia to hold joint anti-terror drill with NATO

    2011-06-02 17:55

    Russia and NATO will hold a joint anti-terror drill beginning Monday, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

  • 27 Pakistani police, 40 militants killed in raid

    2011-06-02 17:24

    Twenty-seven Pakistani police and paramilitary soldiers and up to 40 insurgents were killed in clashes after heavily armed militants crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked a checkpoint, officials said on Thursday.

  • WCO: Drug trafficking a main challenge to customs

    2011-06-02 16:48

    International drug trafficking has become one of the main challenges to customs in transborder trade in the Americas and Caribbean, the World Customs Organization (WCO) said Wednesday.

  • NATO: Former bin Laden associate captured

    2011-06-02 16:06

    NATO says it has captured a senior al-Qaida facilitator and former Osama bin Laden associate in northern Afghanistan.

  • 40 killed in clash in NW Pakistan

    2011-06-02 15:55

    At least 40 militants were killed in an on-going clash with Pakistani security forces that broke out since Wednesday in the country's northwest Upper Dir district bordering Afghanistan.

  • NZ to have tougher checks on overseas students

    2011-06-02 15:46

    New Zealand Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said he is planning to make it harder for some international students to study in this country, the Radio New Zealand reported Thursday.

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