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  • Scandal grows over UK tabloid's hacking

    2011-07-06 15:03

    British lawmakers will hold an emergency debate on Wednesday over a phone-hacking scandal at a top-selling newspaper that has prompted calls for the resignation of a well-connected Rupert Murdoch executive and provoked a public outcry that could damage the paper's sales.

  • Writer files sex assault against Strauss-Kahn

    2011-07-06 13:12

    A young French author has formally accused former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape, breaking her long public silence with a dramatic account of fending off an attacker who ripped at her clothes as they fought on his apartment floor.

  • British police test security for London Olympics

    2011-07-06 12:22

    British police have begun a yearlong program of Olympic security tests, conducting sweeping searches of London 2012 venues and practicing defensive counterterrorism tactics and lockdown techniques.

  • 200 feared dead in boat accident off Sudan

    2011-07-06 11:00

    Some 200 African migrants were feared to have been killed when their boat sank Tuesday off Sudan's coast, a Sudanese news agency reported.

  • Libya denies Gadhafi seeking way out

    2011-07-06 09:53

    Muammar Gadhafi is sounding out the possibility of handing over power, a Russian newspaper reported on Tuesday, but the Libyan government denied it was in talks about the veteran leader stepping down.

  • Somali charged with supporting Al Qaeda

    2011-07-06 09:44

    A Somali man was brought to a US criminal court on Tuesday to face charges of assisting al Qaeda and a militant Somali group, although his questioning abroad for over two-months without being advised of his rights might raise problems at trial.

  • Mass tourism threatening Venice lagoon

    2011-07-06 08:17

    An Italian environmental group warned on Monday that mass tourism was slowly eroding the Venice lagoon, which it said was also threatened by major real estate development and an inadequate transport network.

  • Libya rebels to hold talks in Turkey

    2011-07-06 08:16

    A leader of the Libyan opposition was scheduled to hold talks in Ankara on Tuesday, shortly after Turkey recognized a rebel council battling Muammar Gadhafi's rule, a senior Turkish diplomat said.

  • UK PM shocked by 'tabloid hacking'

    2011-07-05 21:05

    Britain's long-running phone hacking scandal has taken a sickening twist, with claims that a tabloid newspaper hacked into the phone mail of an abducted teenage girl and may have hampered the police investigation into her disappearance.

  • Iran showcases homegrown arms in war games

    2011-07-05 19:53

    Iran's latest war games have featured the predictable blaze of missile tests and an unexpected peek at underground launch silos. There's one bit of military showmanship, though, that ties it all together: Promoting the Made in Iran label.

  • 197 migrants feared drowned off Sudan

    2011-07-06 08:03

    Nearly 200 African migrants were feared drowned Tuesday after a boat carrying them to Saudi Arabia caught fire off Sudan's northeastern coast, a semiofficial news agency reported.

  • Chavez gets hero's welcome after cancer surgery

    2011-07-05 18:10

    President Hugo Chavez received a hero's welcome as he rallied thousands of supporters upon his return to Venezuela, vowing to beat cancer after undergoing surgery in Cuba.

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