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  • Bin Laden's No 2: Muslims will destroy America

    2011-06-09 10:10

    Osama bin Laden's deputy warned Wednesday that America faces not individual terrorists or groups but an international community of Muslims that seek to destroy it and its allies. .

  • UN considers revised condemnation of Syria

    2011-06-09 10:03

    European nations seeking to increase pressure on President Bashar Assad's regime presented a revised resolution to the United Nations on Wednesday condemning Syria for its deadly crackdown on protesters.

  • Gadhafi strikes Libya rebels, NATO pounds Tripoli

    2011-06-09 06:55

    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi lashed back with renewed shelling of the western city of Misrata Wednesday, killing 10 rebel fighters.

  • Western, Arab talks to focus on Libya 'end-game'

    2011-06-09 13:17

    Western and Arab nations meet in Abu Dhabi on Thursday to focus on what one US official called the "end-game" for Libya's Muammar Gaddafi as NATO once again stepped up the intensity of its air raids on Tripoli.

  • OPEC oil talks collapse, no output deal

    2011-06-09 06:40

    OPEC talks broke down in acrimony Wednesday without an agreement to raise output after Saudi Arabia failed to convince the oil cartel to lift production.

  • NATO and Russia fail to narrow missile defence gap

    2011-06-09 15:00

    NATO and Russia failed on Wednesday to narrow differences on missile defence cooperation, but the head of the Western military alliance said he was optimistic they could agree a deal by next May.

  • Germany finds E. coli on cucumbers again

    2011-06-09 05:18

    The deadly strain for the E. coli outbreak was found again on cucumbers, authorities of German state Saxony-Anhalt said on Wednesday.

  • NATO intensifies Tripoli airstrikes

    2011-06-08 19:55

    Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi vowed not to surrender as NATO unleashed a series of daytime airstrikes on the capital Tripoli on Tuesday.

  • Germany expecting more E.coli deaths

    2011-06-08 19:04

    Germany expects the death toll from the E.coli outbreak to rise although the number of new infections from the virulent strain of bacteria that has killed 24 people is likely to drop.

  • Iran says shifting enrichment work, raising output

    2011-06-08 17:28

    Iran is shifting its higher grade uranium enrichment work from a site it has used for years to one that was only disclosed in 2009 and aims to triple the production capacity of the nuclear fuel, state broadcaster IRIB reported on Wednesday.

  • Brazil announces new border plan to fight organized crime

    2011-06-09 10:46

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday announced a new plan that will strengthen cooperation on border control with neighboring countries to fight organized crime

  • Is Internet sex cheating? Many say yes

    2011-06-08 17:27

    Jon Austin's wife, Amy, had a blunt assessment for her husband as the Minneapolis couple watched Rep Anthony Weiner's stunning confessions on television this week.

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