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  • NASA's Cassini reveils image of icy moon Helene

    2011-06-21 09:52

    NASA's Cassini spacecraft has successfully completed its second-closest encounter with Saturn's icy moon Helene, beaming down raw images of the small moon, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said on Monday.

  • US missile attacks kill 12 in Pakistan

    2011-06-21 09:06

    Suspected US drones fired missiles at a vehicle and a house in northwest Pakistan, killing 12 people Monday in a rare attack in an area where some of NATO's fiercest enemies have reportedly traveled, Pakistani officials said.

  • 44 killed in Russian plane crash

    2011-06-21 08:10

    A total of 44 people were killed when a Tu-134 passenger plane crash-landed in Russia's northern republic of Karelie, local media reported Tuesday, citing sources from the Emergency Situations Ministry.
    Hu sends condolences to Medvedev

  • Jumbo A380 grounded at Paris Air Show

    2011-06-21 07:28

    One of Airbus' star jets was grounded after clipping a wing on a taxiway structure, the latest in a string of embarrassments fent Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to the air show on Monday, Reinhardt said.

  • Tunisian ex-president gets 35 years in jail

    2011-06-21 06:35

    Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi were sentenced in absentia to 35 years each in prison, Tunisian television said Monday evening.

  • Syrian president blames crisis on 'saboteurs'

    2011-06-20 20:58

    Syria's embattled president said Monday his regime would consider political reforms, including ending his Baath Party's monopoly on power, but gave no sign he might step down, a key demand of nationwide protests.

  • Greece faces power outages due to strike

    2011-06-20 17:32

    Greece faces potential power outages as employees at the main power utility strike to protest the company's privatization, part of austerity plans essential for the country to avoid a default.

  • US provides $10m in food aid to Yemen

    2011-06-20 17:14

    The United States announced the arrival of $10-million worth of food aid in Yemen on Sunday, its embassy in Sanaa said in a statement later the day.

  • Iraq bomb hits French convoy, 7 injured

    2011-06-20 16:46

    A French embassy convoy in Iraq was hit by a roadside bomb in Baghdad on Monday, wounding at least seven people and underscoring the still shaky security situation in the capital, local security sources said

  • Medvedev says he won't challenge Putin

    2011-06-20 15:49

    Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev says he wants a second term, but won't stand against Vladimir Putin.

  • Poor countries bear the brunt of refugee storm

    2011-06-20 15:31

    Four-fifths of the world's 15.4 million refugees are hosted in poor countries, where their prospects for citizenship are slim and economic opportunities are limited, according to a UN report released Monday.

  • Libyan rebels deny negotiations with Gadhafi

    2011-06-20 11:08

    Libyan rebels denied Sunday that they are engaged in negotiations with leader Muammar Gaddafi's government and said the financial aid will be available in the coming days.

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