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  • Libyan rebels dismiss Gadhafi's call for election

    2011-06-17 09:36

    Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi agreed to hold internationally-supervised elections, his son said, which was dismissed by rebels Thursday.

  • Mubarak-linked businessman detained in Spain

    2011-06-17 09:35

    Egyptian security officials said fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, an accomplice in the corruption case of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, was arrested Thursday in Spain

  • Zawahri appointed al Qaeda leader

    2011-06-16 15:37

    Osama bin Laden's long-time lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, is now the leader of al Qaeda, Al Arabiya television reported on Thursday.

  • Al-Zawahri succeeds bin Laden as al-Qaida leader

    2011-06-17 06:55

    Osama bin Laden's longtime second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, has taken control of al-Qaida, the group declared Thursday, marking the ascendancy of a man driven by hatred of the United States who helped plan the 9/11 attacks.

  • Chilean students throng streets, gov't seen suffering

    2011-06-17 03:52

    Defying police water canon and tear gas, tens of thousands of students marched in Chile's capital and main cities on Thursday, the latest in a series of protests seen obstructing the government's legislative agenda.

  • French students sit in for baccalaureate exam

    2011-06-16 21:53

    Students sit for the philosophy baccalaureate exam at the French Clemenceau Lycee in Nantes, June 16, 2011. The baccalaureate is the secondary school final examinations for qualification into university.

  • Gadhafi would agree to supervised election

    2011-06-16 17:02

    Muammar Gaddafi would agree to internationally-supervised elections on condition there is no vote-rigging, the Libyan leader's eldest son told an Italian newspaper in an interview published on Thursday.

  • 104 bodies from Air France crash to reach Paris

    2011-06-16 16:32

    The remains of 104 people killed in a 2009 plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean have been brought to France for identification.

  • Citigroup says 360,000 affected by hackers

    2011-06-16 14:53

    Citigroup Inc. says hackers stole the account information in a recent data breach of more than 360,000 US credit card customers, much higher than initially thought

  • ECB's Wellink calls for doubling of euro bail-out fund

    2011-06-16 14:35

    The European bail-out fund should be doubled to 1,500 billion euros ($2.15 trillion) if politicians want private sector investors to participate in a second bail-out package for Greece, a European Central Bank governing council director said.

  • IOC: No London tickets for Libya yet

    2011-06-16 14:00

    No tickets will be given to Libya's Olympic committee for the 2012 London Games until it is "absolutely certain" they end up in the right hands, said the IOC.

  • Solar-powered plane ends cross-border flight in Paris

    2011-06-16 13:18

    A solar powered airplane "Solar Impulse" is seen during a flight to Paris from Brussels Airport, in Zaventem, June 14, 2011. This is the second International flight for the plane, operating fully on solar energy. Solar Impulse had to return to Brussels after a first failed attempt to fly from Brussels to Paris last Saturday. Over the weekend, the batteries of the plane were charged by plugging the plane in to the power network.

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