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Anti-Japanese War documentary depicts Guangyang ambush

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-01 13:32

BEIJING -- China's State Archives Administration on Sunday released the latest episode of an Anti-Japanese War documentary series, which focuses on a successful ambush by Chinese troops.

Anti-Japanese War documentary depicts Guangyang ambush
China publishes video series on war against Japan's aggression
The episode is the seventh of the series released on the website of the administration, which is currently on a promotional drive to raise awareness of the war.

The latest release revealed that in October 1937, the anti-Japanese forces led by the Communist Party of China ordered attacks on Japanese aggressors to disrupt their invasion and support the Kuomintang-led forces to defend the northern city of Taiyuan.

On Nov. 4, Chinese soldiers launched a surprise attack in Guangyang on 4,000 Japanese troops and a Japanese supply force. After four hours of hand-to-hand combat, the Chinese troops killed about 1,000 enemy soldiers.

Three days later, another successful ambush was launched nearby, during which over 250 Japanese were killed.

Also in the two battles, Chinese troops seized over 700 mules and horses and a large amount of weapons from the enemy.

Chinese casualties totaled about 300.

The Guangyang ambush effectively deferred the Japanese invasion and supported the Kuomintang troops.

The documentary series is part of China's activities to mark Sept. 3, the "Victory Day" when the Japanese government officially surrendered in 1945.

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