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China will not be 'forced' into accepting S China Sea arbitration decision

[2016-07-09 06:30]

China on Friday dismissed the United States plea to accept any decision in the South China Sea arbitration to be announced next week.

China may consider quitting UNCLOS, expert says

[2016-07-08 20:23]

China could consider quitting the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea if the upcoming ruling by an arbitration court in The Hague infringes on China's sovereignty, an expert said.

Arbitral Tribunal unfairly biased against Beijing

[2016-07-08 18:55]

In late October, 2015, the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Tribunal issued the Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility in the Philippines-China arbitration case.

Denouncing UNCLOS remains option for China after tribunal ruling

[2016-07-08 18:51]

For many years, the People's Republic of China has been a strong supporter of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Recently, however, China's experience has been that the Convention and, in particular, its provisions on compulsory dispute settlement, may be exploited by other states for political reasons.

Diplomat reaffirms China's South China Sea stance

[2016-07-08 14:44]

The South China Sea arbitration unilaterally raised by the Philippines will set a serious, wrong and bad example, and China has every reason to oppose the arbitration, said a Chinese diplomat.

Costa Rican party says China, Philippines should hold direct talks over dispute

[2016-07-08 10:19]

Costa Rica's third largest party the Broad Front has said that China and the Philippines should hold direct talks over their dispute in the South China Sea.

Observer agrees: Cut back the rhetoric

[2016-07-08 07:37]

Former State councilor Dai Bingguo's proposal in a speech on Tuesday that China and the US should turn down the heat on the South China Sea issue has struck a chord with some US observers.

Jurisprudence scholar works to 'tell the true story of this arbitration drama'

[2016-07-08 07:37]

After studying international law for 11 years, 29-year-old Chinese student Peng Qinxuan is due to obtain her doctorate soon in the Netherlands, which hosts the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Candidate for UN chief backs Beijing's direct talks stance

[2016-07-08 07:37]

Parties involved in maritime disputes should use peaceful means to settle their differences in line with international law, said a candidate for UN secretary-general.

US urged to respect China's sovereignty

[2016-07-08 07:37]

Tribunal in The Hague expanded jurisdiction beyond limits, lacks validity, Wang tells Kerry

Confidence of military emphasized

[2016-07-08 07:22]

The Chinese military will respond and is fully confident of protecting its sovereignty if foreign warships make trouble in the South China Sea, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

China says arbitral court's ruling has no effect on its maritime rights

[2016-07-07 20:45]

China said on Thursday that the decision of the South China Sea arbitration will not affect its territorial integrity or maritime rights in the South China Sea.

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