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Tribunal has handled arbitration case irresponsibly, law experts say

[2016-07-12 04:35]

The tribunal has explained the case in an irresponsible way and set a bad precedent, according to experts and scholars from around the world.

Old texts confirm islands sovereignty

[2016-07-11 10:16]

A book about the notes Chinese fishermen kept to guide them in navigating the South China Sea was released in Hainan province on Friday. The book, called South China Sea Genglubu and issued by Hainan Publishing House, tells the story of Genglubu, books Chinese fishermen used to keep notes about the routes they sailed in the South China Sea.

Document to be sent to influencers

[2016-07-11 09:02]

Chinese scholars to spread legal argument to high-profile contacts around globe

Third parties are only making things worse

[2016-07-11 07:58]

With that in mind, Washington may want to seriously rethink its approach, because dispatching gunboats is not working. Neither is the "lawfare" underway.

The right to reject tribunal ruling is real

[2016-07-11 07:57]

Third-party arbitration is not a panacea for international disputes. And China's contribution to international peace will not be belittled because of its refusal to implement the arbitral tribunal's ruling.

Fifth lighthouse to shine on S China Sea

[2016-07-11 04:50]

Xu Ruqing, head of China's Maritime Safety Administration, says construction of the lighthouse on Meiji Reef is almost complete.

Young scholars counter court action

[2016-07-10 21:37]

From an academic perspective, overseas Chinese scholars of international law have many reasons why the South China Sea case, initiatd by the Philippines, has eroded their "trust and passion" in international law.

Young scholars counter court action

[2016-07-10 11:26]

Overseas Chinese student of international law joins lawyers in challenging the South China Sea tribunal

South China Sea arbitration to set 'serious, wrong and bad example': Chinese ambassador

[2016-07-09 13:55]

The South China Sea arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines will set a "serious, wrong, and bad example" if it is allowed to go through, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said.

US atlas shows South China Sea islands part of Chinese territory

[2016-07-09 12:00]

An atlas published in 1994 by a renowned U.S. map publisher clearly illustrated that Huangyan Dao and other key islands involved in the South China Sea dispute are part of China's territory.

Chinese navy conducts combat drill in South China Sea

[2016-07-09 08:45]

Chinese navy conducted an annual combat drill in the water area near south China's Hainan Island and Xisha islands on Friday.

China could quit UNCLOS, expert says

[2016-07-09 06:52]

China could consider quitting the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea if the upcoming ruling by an arbitration court in The Hague infringes on China's sovereignty, an expert said.

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