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Unusual but true: 'Arsenal exam' tests true love

( Updated: 2015-04-30 17:05

Artistic license not appreciated by everybody

Water erupting from a geyser in a geothermal area of Iceland turned pink when the geyser boiled.

It was later found that the "masterpiece" was created by Chilean artist Marco Evaristti, who poured red food coloring material into the system.

Pity that the artist was later arrested after the landowners accused him of "vandalism".

According to local reports, Garðar Eriksson, a spokesman for the landowners of the area, said "This is not art".

Evaristti argued that he did not seek permission from the local authorities because he thought that "nature belongs to no one". "I do what I do because I'm a painter, a landscape painter who doesn't use a canvas, I paint directly on nature," he said.

Unusual but true: 'Arsenal exam' tests true love

Pink water shoots out from the geyser in Iceland in this still image grabbed from a video on the dyed geyser that Marco himself released.

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